My new book ‘The Gardener’ is now published

Kate Winters came under the guardianship of her uncle and aunt after the death of her father. It became clear to her that they found her care to be a burden and they were anxious to marry her off as soon as a coming out ball could be arranged, to introduce her to suitable suitors.

In the meantime Kate had become infatuated with her uncle and aunt’s handsome young gardener, Barnes, who has awakened her latent sexuality. She knows that such a relationship would not be sanctioned by Society in England of 1804, so she reluctantly accepts a proposal of marriage from the Earl of Beechdale.

She finds out that Lord Beechdale is not the husband she expected him to be, and her thoughts drift back to the handsome gardener she left behind. Will Kate settle for the rules that Society demands, or will she break free and follow her heart and risk being ostracized forever?

This book is now published by

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