Catch up on the last four of my books

 snatched_large-1 BBX_1Wife3Husbands_1950x2850_a2 Cover bryony_500x755 grunge floral background with space for text or image  

Snatched is a medieval tale of a mother searching for her kidnapped daughter, and finding a passion she did not expect.  One Wife Three Husbands is the tale of an unfortunate young 19th century London girl who is sentenced to a spell in the colonies instead of jail, who overcomes the odds and finds love and passion in an unexpected place.  Bryony’s Awakening is a contemporary story of a young girl, from a deprived background, who is drawn into a passionate relationship with a wealthy, dominant man, who awakens feelings inside her she did not know were within her.  The Gardener is a story of a girl in early 19th century England, who defies the social mores of the time and discovers a sexual passion with a handsome young gardener, but is torn between heart and head in her life choices.

All four of these books are available from and          I hope you read and enjoy them


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