…she sensed his presence – so powerful and so masculine.

She adjusted her body slightly, insofar as the rope that was tying her down would allow for movement, trying to ease the pain in her hips from being bent over the end of the bed. He often left her like this, trembling slightly in anticipation of what was to come, with the moisture between the lips of her sex the giveaway of the pleasure that she knew lay ahead. He knew that the anticipation for her was half of the fun and he sat across the room watching her closely, judging every twitch and tremor for the sign that he should move in and end the torment for her. She could not see him because of the satin eye mask he made her wear, but she sensed his presence – so powerful and so masculine. He knew her body better than she did herself. To distract herself from the discomfort she took her mind back to when they first met.

The beginning of ‘Bryony’s Awakening’, published by blushingbooks.com


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