Weekend Writing Warriors for Dec 6

This is my contribution towards this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors blog, (www.wewriwa.com) where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work, for others to see and comment.  I have again taken a piece from my book, That Day At The Lake.

After the murder of his parents, Luca escapes to America and it is ten years before he and Adriana meet again.  He is now a successful businessman, but is also involved in the criminal world and in the world of BDSM, into which he is reluctant to involve the innocent Adriana.  She, however, is not willing to give him up and seduces him.  The following piece is told from Luca’s point of view (and be aware that it includes sexual references).

Subconsciously I had wanted to fuck this woman since I was sixteen and she was jailbait, in the lake at my parent’s home. When she turned up again after all those years I knew that my lust for Adriana was still there. Except that now I was a man, my lust came wrapped up in all sorts of kinky practices that had become part of my life. It had been very painful and difficult to walk away from her and not drag her into the life I now lived. Tonight, though, seeing her in Caesars, I knew that I had just lost the struggle. Seeing her dancing, dressed in that corset and stockings, I knew that I wanted her more than anyone I have ever known, and I wasn’t sure if I could walk away again. When she dived for me in the back of my car I was lost.

When we arrived back at my apartment, and she took off her coat, I thought again how amazing she looked. Now she didn’t even have the protection, albeit miniscule protection, of a pair of panties, given that I had ripped them from her, and my cock hardened again.

This extract is taken from my most recent book, That Day At The Lake, which is now available at

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