Weekend Writing Warriors for Dec 13


This is my contribution towards this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors blog, (www.wewriwa.com) where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work, for others to see and comment. I have again taken a piece from my book, That Day At The Lake.

Adriana has persuaded Luca that she is comfortable in his world of BDSM, and becomes his willing submissive and lover.  They are happy in New York, not knowing that everything will soon begin to crumble around them.  The following is from the POV of Luca, early in their new relationship.

“I plan to corrupt you completely,” I said to her one day after an exhausting few hours of play. “I shall mould you into my perfect sub.”

“You are such an excellent teacher, Luca. I plan to graduate from your school of depravity with a first class degree.”

I was discovering a part of Adriana that I had never seen before, and her delicious mix of little minx, provocative beauty and a keenness to try any little perversion I came up with, was intoxicating. I could not understand how I had resisted her for so long.

I made it a rule that when she arrives at my place, and we are alone, she removes her clothes as soon as she steps inside my door and submits to whatever I wish from her. It is not always sex. Sometimes I just like to talk and tease her, while playing with her fabulous breasts. Sometimes we will cook together in my kitchen and she will be naked except for an apron to protect her from hot splashes.

This extract is taken from my most recent book, That Day At The Lake, which is now available at

Amazon US and Amazon UK


About the book:

Adriana has adored Luca since his father rescued her from an abusive man in Naples, Italy, when she was just eight years old. Her one wish when she was growing up was that Luca would fall in love with her and that they would marry. However, life is never as simple as that. Luca’s father is a Mafia member, and is killed by a gang member, and the two children are torn apart, seemingly forever.

Some years later they meet again, and Luca is now a successful businessman, but he is also involved in minor criminal activities and has become involved in a BDSM lifestyle as a Dom, and, although he is attracted to Adriana, he is reluctant to involve the shy, sexually inexperienced girl in his world.

Adriana takes matters into her own hands, and visits a BDSM club to try to persuade Luca to see her in a different light. He capitulates, and some hot, sexy activity takes place between them. However, just as their relationship is beginning, Luca’s criminal past catches up with him, and he finds himself in trouble with the law, due to a jealous gangster turning on him. He goes back to Italy to solve his problems, followed by Adriana. But there they face great danger, with the possibility of not only going to jail, but of losing their lives.


18 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for Dec 13

    1. I am not sure what you mean by making the link a live one. As a complete beginner to this sort of thing I have been having email correspondence with Teresa and Marcia, who have been trying to solve my problems. It might be on the list of instructions I have been sent by Teresa for next week. Hope so. If not, perhaps you would like to ask Teresa to email me. Thanks.


  1. Hi Rachel 🙂 I don’t normally read this sort of thing either, but those added details about what they sometimes do instead of sex makes Luca a bit easier to like. I get the feeling you know these characters very well and that is always a plus.

    As far as making a link “live”, that just means that when people click on “www.wewriwa.com” they are taken directly to the Weekend Writing Warriors home page. It’s like online shopping, where you click “view my shopping cart” and your view changes to show the items you put into your electronic shopping cart.

    It’s not hard to do that. One of us will email you with tips on how to do it. You’re doing great, though. Thanks for persisting!


    1. Thanks Marcia. I think I mentioned in one of my emails that, although I wrote the link and used the link tool to (supposedly) connect with the website, when I clicked on it to test it, it brought up a message that the page was not found. Obviously I am not doing it right. I will get there in the end. Thanks for your patience.


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