Weekend Writing Warriors (#8) for January 3 2016


This is the place where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work at www.wewriwa.com for others to see and comment.

Today I am sharing a snippet from my erotic romance, Songbird.  Pascale is a beautiful singer, who Harry sees one night performing in his friend’s nightclub, and who he is captivated by.  The ten lines below are the opening lines from the book.

The voice coming from over by the piano was sultry, throaty, and reeked of cigarettes, whisky and dirty sex. I looked up from my glass of single malt and swivelled around on the bar stool to see if the reality matched the image now placed firmly in my brain. I expected to see a train wreck of a woman, whose dissolute appearance matched her voice, but the woman before me was no more than mid-twenties, with long, sleek, dark brown hair, and the face of an angel. I did a double take, unable to believe that the voice and the image I saw before me belonged to each other. Perhaps she was miming? If she was, she was damned good at lip-syncing. She was singing the Billie Holiday song, Solitude, with all the angst of the original, accompanied only by the piano; played by an elderly black man.

The woman leaned casually on the piano, with one arm resting on its lid, and the other holding the microphone. She was wearing a simple red shift dress that clung to a lusciously curved body, and which ended mid-thigh to reveal long, elegant legs, and she had her eyes closed as she sang. Her hypnotic singing—and the fact that she had a body that every red- blooded male in the club that night would no doubt love to touch—meant that, by mid-song, all talking in the place had ceased.

Songbird was published by Blushing Books, and is available on Amazon US here, and Amazon UK here.




Harry is a successful 36-year-old Dom who has had many transient relationships with submissive women, and is not looking for a permanent relationship – until he sees and hears a beautiful young woman singing in a club in London. The woman sang with a throaty and angst-filled voice that suggested a dissolute lifestyle, but had the face of an angel and a body made for sin. Harry fell head over heels for Pascale, the beautiful songbird, and was determined that she would be his. Pascale, however, has had a difficult childhood with her mother’s brutal lover, Gaston, and escaped his clutches with the aid of Louis, her old pianist, and when Harry meets her she is traumatised by her experiences. Eventually he begins to break through the barrier that Pascale has erected around herself, but is wary about dominating her, even though she seems to him to have submissive tendencies. He is afraid of digging up disturbing and distressing images from her past.



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