Weekend Writing Warriors for January 10 2016


This is where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work for others to see and comment.  See the other contributors at http://www.wewriwa.com

This week I am continuing with another snippet from my book Songbird.

Harry goes back to the club, hoping that his friend Jake would arrange an introduction to the singer he had recently hired in his nightclub.  He is enthralled by her, and she has a strong effect on his libido.  (Warning: the following snippet contains sexual references.  Please do not read if this might offend.)

Pascale had her long, shiny, dark brown hair loose, and from time to time it fell forward over her face. She would leave it there for a while, as though unaware that her face was partly obscured, and then, in a sudden movement, would lift her head and, with a slow movement of her hand, would push the hair back from her face and arch her back for a moment, causing her breasts to push against the material of her dress, which I found to be very erotic. I wanted to press my hands against those perfectly shaped breasts, and the thought of doing so caused a familiar stirring in my cock. I fantasised bending the sexy songbird over the piano and slowly pushing up the red dress. In my warped imagination she was not wearing panties and her round, shapely bottom was just waiting for my palms to roam over them. I imagined spanking that lovely bottom, before fucking her hard. I hadn’t felt so sexually attracted to a woman in this way for a long time. There was something about her that triggered a primitive feeling in my gut, and I was desperate to make her acquaintance. Where the fuck was Jake? And how soon would Pascale finish the first half of her set?

Songbird was published by Blushing Books, and is available on Amazon US here, and Amazon UK here.


Harry is a successful 36-year-old Dom who has had many transient relationships with submissive women, and is not looking for a permanent relationship – until he sees and hears a beautiful young woman singing in a club in London. The woman sang with a throaty and angst-filled voice that suggested a dissolute lifestyle, but had the face of an angel and a body made for sin. Harry fell head over heels for Pascale, the beautiful songbird, and was determined that she would be his. Pascale, however, has had a difficult childhood with her mother’s brutal lover, Gaston, and escaped his clutches with the aid of Louis, her old pianist, and when Harry meets her she is traumatised by her experiences. Eventually he begins to break through the barrier that Pascale has erected around herself, but is wary about dominating her, even though she seems to him to have submissive tendencies. He is afraid of digging up disturbing and distressing images from her past.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for January 10 2016

  1. Very evocative snippet, and judging from your blurb this could be a VERY interesting snippet regarding the complicated interplay of BDSM relationships and past traumas (which a lot of us have suffered from). Looking forward to reading more! 🙂


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