Weekend Writing Warriors for May 15


This is my snippet for Weekend Writing Warriors (www.wewriwa.com) where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work, for others to see and comment. Please follow and comment about others on the list.

I am again taking a snippet from my upcoming book, The Artist. This book has been accepted for publication and is in the process of being edited. The expected publication date is August 8. This is an historical erotic romance, based in England in the 1850s. Theodore (Theo for short) is the son of a Viscount, but has rejected the life of an aristocrat to live as a rather bohemian artist. He has an eye for pretty girls, whom he likes to paint in the nude. Lizzie is a poor village girl who made a disastrous marriage, from which she has fled, and is destitute. When Theo asks her to be his artist’s model, she swallows her natural modesty and accepts.  Unaware that Theo had earlier been spying on her, Lizzie is on her way to his house for her third day of modelling for him.

Lizzie strode up the bumpy road towards the artist’s house. She was anticipating the sandwich he had promised her, her first food of the day. Her belly ached for the lack of it. To distract herself from her hunger she thought about the man who would be looking at her naked body all day. She had never met such a man before; a man who could see her bare skin, yet resist the urge to paw her and make vulgar comments as her husband had done. She hadn’t even realized that men did such a thing for a living, never having seen a painting of a naked woman before.

When she had first heard that Mr Harper was seeking a model she had been very reluctant to approach him for fear that he would see her as a common prostitute, as others did. But he was different from other men. He did not try to impress or flatter her. In fact he had hardly conversed with her at all in the two days that she had worked for him, but just looked at her in an intense way as though he was seeking an inner part of her, in her brain perhaps, or maybe her heart?

Lizzie clearly has no idea yet that Theo is struggling to keep his hands from her lovely body, and that the thoughts in his head are far from pure.  I expect she will find this out in due course.  If you wish to read previous excerpts, links are below.

In the interests of honesty, I should say that this, like all my books that I publish through my current publisher, contain quite explicit sexual behaviour, but out of respect for the authors who take part in the link, most of whom do not write erotica, I have deliberately only shared the less explicit sections of my book.  If anyone would like to take a look at my published books, they can be seen on my Amazon Author Page at http://www.amazon.com/Rachel-de-Vine/e/B00N58ULQW/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0  

Not yet having a front cover to show you, here is another picture of an artist painting a nude model.


For anyone not coming to my page from the Weekend Writing Warriors link, and you wish to leave a comment, or read other people’s comments, simply click on the title of the post, which will take you from the rolling post to the static one. To go in the opposite direction and read previous posts, click on my name below the picture. (Silly website design, I know!)


22 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for May 15

  1. It seems that his self-restraint may be having the unintended consequence of making her trust him. I say ‘unintended’ because there’s no hint that he’s deliberately seducing her, which makes me like him more.

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    1. But I fear that his self-control is being sorely tested. My favourite male characters are a little roguish, but with redeeming characters. But above all I have to find them attractive myself, before I inflict them on my leading female characters. Thanks for commenting.


    1. Thanks Teresa. I am spinning the story out a little more, because I have a few months before the publishing date. I like creating interesting and attractive characters, apart from the odd rogue thrown in to spice things up a bit. I fall slightly in ‘lust’ or even in ‘love’ with my male character. But I am a fickle woman, because I move on very easily to another man in my next book.


    1. You may have guessed, but I do like unconventional ‘rebels’ (e.g. Theo) and women who have to struggle to get the life they deserve (e.g. Lizzie). Life for women in Britain, even 150 years ago, was sometimes not much better than the lives of women living today in places such as Afghanistan, so I like brave, spunky women who challenge convention. Thanks for your comment.

      PS I am a bit late today reading my WWW posts, as have been out for the day (it’s 4pm here in UK) but I will get them all done before the day is finished.

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    1. As I mentioned in Kim’s response above, women have had, and still have in many countries, a battle for the sexual freedom that men have always taken for granted. Women are still stoned to death for adultery in a few countries. And even here, just 150 years ago, it was a hard life for a woman who stepped outside the boundary of so-called ‘respectability’. Thanks for your comment. I am sorry to be late with my responses, have been out for the day. Will get right on it!

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    1. Thanks Veronica. I am not the world’s best writer – by a long way – but I enjoy storytelling. Even as a small child I used to tell my sister stories when we went to bed, to bribe her to get out and turn off the light. (No new-fangled bedside lamps in those days!) This is the same, except that my stories now are much spicier.


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