Weekend Writing Warriors – May 29


This is my snippet for Weekend Writing Warriors (www.wewriwa.com) where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work, for others to see and comment. Please follow and comment about others on the list.

I am again taking a snippet from my upcoming book, The Artist. This book has been accepted for publication and is in the process of being edited. The expected publication date is August 8. This is an historical erotic romance, based in England in the 1850s. Theodore (Theo for short) is the son of a Viscount, but has rejected the life of an aristocrat to live as a rather bohemian artist. He has an eye for pretty girls, whom he likes to paint in the nude. Lizzie is a poor village girl who made a disastrous marriage, from which she has fled, and is destitute. When Theo asks her to be his artist’s model, she swallows her natural modesty and accepts.  Theo is very attracted to Lizzie, but, so far, he has managed to restrain himself, for fear of frightening her away.

He placed the sandwich on a plate in front of her and could see her eyes light up at the sight of the food.

“Get that down you, you look hungry. I’ve some apples if you want one afterwards. Mrs Jones is back tomorrow, so there will be some proper food again, but sandwiches are the limit of my culinary skills.”

Lizzie had no idea what culinary skills meant, but she didn’t bother to ask, just began to wolf down the thickly cut sandwich, and did not stop until she had cleared every last crumb from the plate.

Theo found her wolfing of the food attractive, unlike the mincing, delicate ways of Society, with their china plates, and their delicate handling of the implements in their hands, eating their food with as much enjoyment as if they were eating something unpleasant. He much preferred the satisfying of an appetite as a basic, primitive action, without pretence and affectation. He wondered if the girl would attack his cock with as much gusto and despite having tossed himself off earlier until his hand ached, he felt the familiar twitches of desire rush to his cock and, seemingly, bypassing his brain.

Lizzie perhaps recognized the subconscious signals that Theo’s pheromones were emitting, for she jumped up from the table.

“I’d best go and get ready, Sir.”

So, it appears that there is sexual tension between them, but held at bay by Theo’s fears of losing his model, and Lizzie’s natural modesty.  Whose resolve will weaken first?  I hope that this more explicit snippet is not offensive to some of you, but I wanted to demonstrate the effort that Theo, a man with a high libido, is making, not to leap on Lizzie and ravish her.  And if he did, would she welcome it or run from him?

If you wish to read previous excerpts of this book, links are below.

Not having a cover photo to show you, I will again illustrate this with the picture I used last week, which I found online, and which looks very much like I described Lizzie, with long, red hair.



20 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – May 29

  1. He much preferred the satisfying of an appetite as a basic, primitive action, without pretence and affectation.

    How lucky we are to live in an era where this ‘authenticity’ is now readily embraced.

    Funny thing about sexuality, Rachel: women love to convince themselves that it is an optional subset of life. In the mind of most men, their sex drive is a strong theme running through every minute. I think women lose out a lot in the depth of relationship by thinking it does not. And, I have discovered, the terminology is fairly universal.

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    1. Thanks for commenting Kim. Yes, we live in an era when authenticity is more embraced, but I would argue that this does not apply to all age groups and other groups (e.g. religious) where women are still expected to be modest and pious as far as sex is concerned. Theo is the type of man who relishes a woman who is uninhibited about sex and feels no shame, unlike many of his compatriots of the era (early Victorian) who are very two-faced about it.

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  2. Even though she is rather modest, I think the gusto with which she eats the sandwich pretty much equals that which she will eventually show in the bedroom as well. Both appetites are of the flesh and I think share a common basis–a primal need to survive. Very intriguing snippet!

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    1. Thanks Jenna. Life was harsh in that period for women who stepped outside the norm, but I somehow think that Theo and Lizzie will find they are in tune, especially when she gets past her natural modesty, that a woman of that period is expected to show.


  3. this is a fabulous descriptive line – eating their food with as much enjoyment as if they were eating something unpleasant. I can so visualize that. It’s perfect.

    And I love the painting – the curiosity of what it is she is pointing down at. Tweeted.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, and tweet, Daryl. Women of previous eras had very strict behavioural rules (and probably many men too) and were ostracised if they stepped outside those rules. I am so glad I am living now, although I think that if I had been born then I would have been permanently ostracised!


    1. Thanks Veronica. I think his aristocratic upbringing would have some effect on his adult behaviour. Even though he considers himself to be living a bohemian lifestyle and hates many of Society’s rules, I still think that there is some residual inhibition there. Plus he has some respect for Lizzie’s position – being destitute makes her very vulnerable to sexual pressure. However, I think that he can only resist for so long…


    1. Thanks Charmaine. Yes, I think that there may be fireworks soon. You’re a woman of the world, aren’t you? You must know what to expect when two people are put into a place where one of them is naked and the other one has a highly charged libido! I think I mentioned before that an artist I had in mind when I wrote the book was the late Lucien Freud, who painted many women naked, including Jerry Hall, who has just sold her painting for £600,000. I expect that is because she has now married Rupert Murdoch, and he wouldn’t want to see a painting in which Jerry was pregnant with Mick Jagger’s baby. (There, a little extra information thrown in for free.)


    1. Yes, I’d forgotten that film. Albert Finney was the male lead as I recall. I have it on good authority that some men don’t like to be with a woman who picks at her food, and they equate a woman with a good appetite for food to have a good appetite elsewhere. Not being a man I can’t vouch for that, but perhaps you would know, being of the male persuasion.


  4. Love seeing characters with healthy appetites and I adore how you described Lizzie eating in comparison to the Society. I’m willing to bet she’ll be exactly as Theo imagines, given the chance. Very nice snippet.


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