Weekend Writing Warriors for July 10



Welcome again to my weekly snippet for Weekend Writing Warriors (www.wewriwa.com) where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work, for others to see and comment. Please follow and comment about others on the list.

My next book, The Artist,which is due out on August 8, is an historical erotic romance, based in England in the 1850s. Theodore (Theo for short) is the son of a Viscount, but has rejected the life of an aristocrat to live as a rather bohemian artist. He has an eye for pretty girls, whom he likes to paint in the nude. Lizzie is a poor village girl who made a disastrous marriage, from which she has fled, and is destitute. When Theo asks her to be his artist’s model, she swallows her natural modesty and accepts. She also accepts his invitation to come and live at the house as his housekeeper, which she accepts. She is, however, still rather uncertain about the wisdom of this

. Would she come under pressure to share his bed also? And if so, what will be her response?

She was beginning to feel a possible conflict between her heart and her head. So far her head had been in control, but today other feelings had been crossing her mind, and she was disturbed. She did not care any more about what people in the village would think, for the moment she had moved into Theo’s home they would assume that she had also moved into his bed, so her reputation had already been destroyed. No, the conflict in her mind involved different parts of her body. A message coming from deep in her belly and between her legs was telling her that she was beginning to find Theodore Harper, the artist, sexually alluring, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to feel that, for she could foresee trouble ahead because of it.

Theo came to sit at the kitchen table to eat the food she had prepared and Lizzie tried to avoid his eyes. If she did not allow those dark, penetrating eyes of his to meet her own, perhaps she would be safe, although she was not sure from whom she would be safe, Theo or herself. He leaned over to reach for the salt and unintentionally brushed against her arm, and it was as though a bolt of electricity had passed through her. She gave a faint gasp and pulled back, while Theo jerked his head up in surprise. Something had passed between them, and Lizzie was not sure what to do about it. 

So now we know that Lizzie is developing sexual feelings towards Theo. But will she act on it? Tune in next week to find out.

Here again is the little teaser I made until the front cover is available.

The Artist

I’m sure you all know by now, but the comment section is on the static post (click on the title of the post) and not on the rolling post. If you want to read previous postings, click on my name at the top of the page, and scroll down.


20 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for July 10

  1. One little step after another…it all adds up to a big leap. I’m just wondering how long it’s going to take her to go to his bed? I think I know, and I bet it’s going to be very sweet. Great snippet!

    Liked by 1 person

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