Weekend Writing Warriors for Sept 11



Warning: The book I am currently featuring is only suitable for 18 years plus and is sexually explicit at times, and uses explicit language.

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors (www.wewriwa.com) where writers submit 8 – 10 lines of their work for others to read and comment. Please visit the site for snippets from other authors.

The scene is mid-19th century in an impoverished Eastern European country. A group of bandits has kidnapped Laryssa’s 18 year-old daughter, and she is desperate to rescue her from their clutches. She finds the ruined castle where the bandits are living and tries to talk her way into the castle, but her offer to be their housekeeper does not persuade Bhodan, the leader of the bandits, who has a hideously scarred face, to admit her. It is only when she offers to come to his bed that he allows her inside. (Slightly altered to conform to the rules.)

Bhodan stared at her for a moment. Here was a mature, sensuous woman. He did not, like his brother, prefer young and inexperienced types, who squealed with fright the moment you approached them, and he was not prepared, either, to share a woman with three other men. This woman might be what he was looking for. There was something in her face and demeanor that appealed to him. She looked calmly at him, directly in the eye—she was not afraid of him, it seemed. Whilst Bhodan liked to exercise control over his women, he could not bear those who trembled and snivelled. Conquering those women was too easy. He much preferred a woman with a strong mind whom he could gradually wear down over a period of time. A woman like that was a challenge, but it was the sudden twitch in his groin that was the deciding factor.


Snatched by Juliette Banks has just been published, and is available from the following place

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Loss. Passion. Sacrifice.

It’s the worst day of Laryssa’s life when bandits snatch her beloved daughter Sofiya, carrying her away to places unknown. Vowing to save her, come what may, Laryssa sets off on a long and difficult journey to find the nineteen-year-old.

When she stumbles across a half ruined castle in the middle of a forest, she realizes she’s found the very place where Sofiya is being held by four men. In desperation, Laryssa begs to be allowed to stay with them, to cook and clean, and even offers her body for use to the leader of the gang, a man called Bhodan. Not knowing who she really is, he grudgingly accepts.

Bhodan is a dark man with a troubled past. With livid scars marring his otherwise handsome features, he is gruff, ruthless, and cold. Somehow Laryssa, the woman he has employed to cook and clean for himself and his men, and to service him sexually whenever he desires it, manages to see past his harsh exterior. Her growing attraction to him is undeniable, and no one is more surprised than Bhodan himself to discover that he is beginning to reciprocate those feelings.

Sofiya is not the only girl to have been captured by the gang; Hanna, a girl close to her in age, was already being held when Sofiya arrived. Laryssa is desperate to rescue them both, but knows she must bide her time until the moment is right.

When the four men decide to leave the women alone to go thieving, Laryssa sees her chance. However, she is unprepared for the emotional dilemma she will face when only one of the men – Bhodan – returns. He is badly wounded, and she finds herself unable to leave him alone, as he will undoubtedly die.

Torn between the love of her daughter and the passion Bhodan has awakened in her, Laryssa faces a tough choice. Should she send Sofiya and Hanna back to their village alone to face their demons, or should she accompany them and risk losing what could well be her last chance of experiencing boundless passion and love after years spent alone? Can she forgive Bhodan for what he has done in the past, or will she decide that her daughter’s happiness is more important than her own?



30 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for Sept 11

    1. She does explain in an earlier paragraph that she was thrown out of her village because of jealousy by other women, so as an outsider, she came to the castle thinking that if there were other outsiders like her, they would take pity on her and let her stay. When they initially refuse to help her, she then adds the proviso that she will not only cook for them, but would sleep with Bhodan too, and he, feeling lustful, does not take much persuading. Poor man!


    1. I have to be careful not to be too sexist here, but I think that his decision to let her stay owes more to his male appendage, than thinking things through carefully. As a desperate woman she will lie and say anything to get close enough to her daughter so she can rescue her.


    1. I haven’t mentioned the daughter in these snippets – concentrating instead of the relationship between Laryssa and Bhodan. It’s difficult to do all the characters justice in just 10 lines weekly. Suffice to say that Laryssa’s presence in the house means that she can take care of her daughter where possible, while planning their escape.


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