Weekend Writing Warriors for October 2


Warning: The book I am currently featuring is only suitable for 18 years plus and is sexually explicit at times, and uses explicit language.

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors (www.wewriwa.com) where writers submit 8 – 10 lines of their work for others to read and comment. Please visit the site for snippets from other authors.

This is the final snippet from my book, Snatched, which is now published. I have moved a little further forward from last week’s excerpt. After saving his life, and finding that Bhodan had a softer, hidden part that had been buried under the hatred for what had happened to him earlier in his life, Laryssa sent her daughter back home, promising to join her as soon as Bhodan was well enough to travel, and found that life with this complex man was ‘interesting’ to say the least.


It surprised even Laryssa how her feelings towards this man had changed in such a short time. The hate she felt had turned into, if not yet love, then a deep affection, and, she had to admit, a deep sexual longing for him. Her long neglected secret place was a secret no longer. She trembled with desire whenever Bhodan took her in his arms, and learned to become uninhibited in his presence. The natural modesty she had been taught as a young girl had gone, and in its place was a passionate, libidinous woman who craved his lips, his tongue, his hands and, above all, his magnificent cock, which stood to attention whenever he wanted her—which was often.

“I find it hard to believe that you lived here without a woman for so long before my arrival,” said the bolder, braver Laryssa, one day after their lovemaking. “I’m surprised that you didn’t burst with pent up desire.”

He had begun to smile in her presence; something that amazed even him, after so many years with little about which to smile, and her statement brought his smile out again.

“Well, there were a few women here and there. I’ve not lived the life of a monk, I’m afraid.

This is not, however, the happy ever after for their nascent romance. Bhodan is a wanted man, and Laryssa has her daughter and the other girl to consider, in her future plans. They have more anguish and complications to come, and their path together is fraught with danger and excitement. I hope you will consider travelling the rest of their journey with them.

Snatched by Juliette Banks has just been published, and is available from the following places.

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Loss. Passion. Sacrifice.

It’s the worst day of Laryssa’s life when bandits snatch her beloved daughter Sofiya, carrying her away to places unknown. Vowing to save her, come what may, Laryssa sets off on a long and difficult journey to find the nineteen-year-old.

When she stumbles across a half ruined castle in the middle of a forest, she realizes she’s found the very place where Sofiya is being held by four men. In desperation, Laryssa begs to be allowed to stay with them, to cook and clean, and even offers her body for use to the leader of the gang, a man called Bhodan. Not knowing who she really is, he grudgingly accepts.

Bhodan is a dark man with a troubled past. With livid scars marring his otherwise handsome features, he is gruff, ruthless, and cold. Somehow Laryssa, the woman he has employed to cook and clean for himself and his men, and to service him sexually whenever he desires it, manages to see past his harsh exterior. Her growing attraction to him is undeniable, and no one is more surprised than Bhodan himself to discover that he is beginning to reciprocate those feelings.

Sofiya is not the only girl to have been captured by the gang; Hanna, a girl close to her in age, was already being held when Sofiya arrived. Laryssa is desperate to rescue them both, but knows she must bide her time until the moment is right.

When the four men decide to leave the women alone to go thieving, Laryssa sees her chance. However, she is unprepared for the emotional dilemma she will face when only one of the men – Bhodan – returns. He is badly wounded, and she finds herself unable to leave him alone, as he will undoubtedly die.

Torn between the love of her daughter and the passion Bhodan has awakened in her, Laryssa faces a tough choice. Should she send Sofiya and Hanna back to their village alone to face their demons, or should she accompany them and risk losing what could well be her last chance of experiencing boundless passion and love after years spent alone? Can she forgive Bhodan for what he has done in the past, or will she decide that her daughter’s happiness is more important than her own.



20 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for October 2

    1. Possibly. But Laryssa is a realist, despite being a little naive, and I suspect she knew the answer before she asked the question. I think she is fishing to find out whether there had been anyone of significance in his life, to which the answer was no. In the spirit of the new openness between them I think she wanted all the cards on the table.


    1. Yes, I did have a lot of angst about it when I was writing the book. It’s hard to convey in brief snippets, but this change of heart happened slowly, and quite a long way into the book. It was his brother who kidnapped and raped her daughter, although Bhodan did nothing to stop it, and she was very torn between love for her daughter and burgeoning feelings for Bhodan. His brother meets a satisfactory sticky end I am pleased to say, and Laryssa caught the glimpse of something good in Bhodan that she felt was worth fighting for. Both Laryssa and her daughter do have an HEA, thankfully. Sorry for the long-winded reply, but I wanted to explain more clearly than brief snippets will tell.


  1. Sounds like there is a lot more excitement to come in the book. I think it’s good to have complex relationships that are fraught with, well, hatred sometimes. You just can’t make it too easy for the characters or the readers. As a result, I’m interested in finding out how this couple gets to their happy ending.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jenna. Yes I do put my characters through tough times. This was my first attempt at erotic romance and I wasn’t sure what people would like. Since I have re-written it I have more than doubled it in size. So I thought I should continue past the original ending and see what life would be like for a woman trying to grab possibly her last chance of love, but with the added complications of the fact that Bhodan may go to the scaffold for what he has done and the fact that her daughter and the other young woman detest him. Not easy!


    1. He nearly died and she could have walked away, but she didn’t. It has changed the whole dynamic between them, and he is on the path to recovery from the man he was to the man he needed to be to deserve this woman. Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth.


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