Weekend Writing Warriors for January 8


Happy New Year everyone. Well, I survived Christmas and the dreaded virus that seems to be going around, so I would like to welcome you back to a few more snippets from my book, A Love More Precious Than Diamonds. After you leave here, please follow the link (www.wewriwa.com) to read more great snippets.

Dan has met a lovely young woman and, wanting to impress her, he gets tickets for an important New York charity ball. She tells him that her mother, Therese, and her boyfriend have flown up from Florida and will be at the ball also. As they are seated, Therese approaches the table.

I half turned and saw out of the corner of my eye a woman approaching the table. Then I turned more fully, and nearly dropped my wine glass in shock, when I recognised the woman coming towards us. The blood must have drained from my face, for I could see that the man to whom I had been talking looked a little concerned. My throat went dry. Our eyes met and the woman stopped dead, just a few feet from us.

“Gem?” I croaked. 

“Danny, is that you?”

I turned to Vicky, and for a couple of seconds, she looked puzzled, not understanding what was happening, before a gradual realisation over what was taking place in front of her caused the previously smiling, happy face to crumple before my eyes as she suddenly realised the truth about the two principal people in her life. She looked at me in horror, whilst Gem seemed blissfully unaware of the agony now pulsing through the mind of her only child.

I tried to reach for Vicky’s hand and spoke her name, but she pulled her hand back quickly, as though it might be contaminated by contact with mine.

So the truth is out. Gem, the woman with whom Dan had a passionate fling some twenty years earlier, turned out to be the mother of the young woman he was now dating. Will it be the end of their nascent relationship – gone before it has really started? (And in case some of your are wondering, Vicky is definitely not Dan’s child! Just thought I would make that clear.)


A Love More Precious Than Diamonds is now available from Blushing Books and Amazon US

Danny was a 21-year-old student when he met Gem in London in 1992. She was the most beautiful, sensuous and sexy woman he had ever met, and she was some years older and married to a wealthy businessman. So why did she pick him from all the men she might have chosen?

Their affair was brief and dramatic, and introduced Danny to sexual passion, the like of which he had never experienced before. It also introduced him to the kind of woman who desired control and discipline in her life. Even though the affair lasted just a few weeks, it changed his life and changed his perception of the type of woman he wanted.

Twenty years later he met a young woman and, for the first time in his life, he fell in love; but fate was not kind, and the events of twenty years earlier came back to haunt him as he realised that he might lose the woman of his dreams. He was powerless to act. He could not rewrite his life history.


26 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for January 8

    1. No, I don’t think Dan has any doubt that she’s not his daughter because of her age. He was just pole-axed to learn that Vicky is Therese’s (Gem’s) daughter. There were lots of subtle clues that he didn’t pick up on – the fact that Vicky looks a little like her mother, the fact that she wore her mother’s perfume to the ball, and the fact that she was also wearing her mother’s diamond ear-rings. But the clues were much too subtle for Dan. It came as a complete shock.


    1. Thanks Daryl. The shock was worse for Vicky because of the unresolved issues she has with her mother from her childhood. In a little while we will hear some of her background, from her point of view. As I said earlier, I am killing time as my current book is not yet finished, so will stick with this story for a little while.


    1. Thank you Charmaine. There is a lot of angst from Vicky’s point of view, because Gem was not a good mother to her daughter, and now she has found out that she had an affair with her new boyfriend when he was a young man. Oh what tangled webs we weave…


  1. Wonderful writing! You made the moment stand still! 🙂

    Happy new year! I’m glad you got through the nasty virus. It is indeed, nasty.

    I don’t have a post this week. Just wanted to stop in and see what you’re writing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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