Weekend Writing Warriors for Feb 19


It’s that time of the week again for Weekend Writing Warriors, a time when writers share a snippet of their work for the comments and critique by other writers. When you have read my piece, I hope you will follow the link (www.wewriwa.com) to read other posts.

I am contining from my forthcoming book, The Russian Bride, which will be out on March 8. James sees the beautiful, but dishevelled Natasha, in the car park, and decides to stop and see if she needs help. He asks her name.

“It’s Natasha, sir.”

“You are a very polite young lady. Do you always address men as ‘sir’ who stop to talk to you?”

The question seemed to confuse her. He wondered if she was selling her body for food, or just relying on the goodwill of the men who stopped their cars. He was tempted to give her twenty pounds and be on his way, but there was something about her that got to him.

“How about we go and get you something to eat? There’s a café at the end of the block that will still be open.”

She looked at his face, clearly weighing up whether she could be getting into the car of a mad axe murderer, but her hunger obviously overruled everything and she nodded and moved around the car. He leaned over and opened the door and she climbed gratefully into the warm, plush interior.

So what made Natasha run away and sleep rough in a car park? More next week.


Natasha, a Russian-born girl living in London, catches the eye of Viktor, a middle-aged Russian gangster. He wants her as his wife, the mother of his son, and his submissive partner in the kinky sex he enjoys at his isolated home near Saint Petersburg, Russia. But he doesn’t ask her to accompany him. He kidnaps her instead.

Surprisingly, Natasha begins to accept her new life. Is she really a natural submissive, or has Viktor brainwashed her? Viktor is adamant that he will not have sex with her until they are married when she turns nineteen, but he shows her the type of life he lives by taking her to orgies, held by his friend, and tells her that this is what she can expect as his wife.

All turns sour, however, and Natasha has to flee for her life on a visit to London and a London businessman, James Miller, comes to her aid. Neither of them realise quite how much danger they will be in for defying Viktor, but James is willing to risk his all to rescue her from this man.

This is the link to The Russian Bride’s Facebook page:





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