A Love More Precious Than Diamonds

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A few extracts from my book, A Love More Precious Than Diamonds: (Only suitable for 18+)

Immediately outside the bar was a black limousine, with dark windows. As I walked past, the rear passenger window was lowered and a soft, but very sexy voice called to me. It was the woman from the bar. My heart was thumping so hard I was sure that she would hear it from within the limo, and the moisture suddenly drained from my mouth.

“Can I offer you a lift somewhere? You will get soaked in this rain.”

I hesitated, half of me desperately wanting to get into the car with her and the other half wondering if I should run for my life. The first half won.

“Yes, that would be great.”

I suppose that was the moment when my life changed forever.


She drew back from me and slowly unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor, and then stood motionless in front of me in a black lacy push-up bra, stockings and her shoes. Her figure was perfection. I wanted to take her soft, round breasts in my hands and squeeze them, but I was too afraid to make the move. She took a step forward and lifted my T-shirt over my head to bare my upper torso, before bending her head and kissing me all over my chest, whilst I simply stood and allowed it.

She lifted her head and her face was just inches from my own.

“Why me?”

I wanted to know what it was that had led her to bring me to this place, when a woman like her could have almost any man she chose.

“Because you have such a sexy body, yet the face of an innocent. It is the perfect combination. Do you want to fuck me?”


Vicky was turned away from me and was humming to herself as she washed herself with my shower gel. I stepped quickly into the shower and put my arms around her body and on to her breasts, which were all soaped up.

“Mmm…does this shower come with a shower assistant? Someone who can give me a good going over?”

“It sure does, and I would be pleased to give you a good going over, but bear in mind that we only have twenty five minutes before the food arrives.”

“Well if it arrives before we are finished, we will have to ask the delivery boy to step in the shower with us to get his payment.”

“You filthy little girl. I’m going to have to give you a spanking later to cure that smart mouth of yours. That idea of a threesome in the shower sounds rather good, though. We must give it a try sometime. But in the meantime you will just have to make do with me.”


“Dan, you will love the dress. It’s a bit daring for me, but my mother says that it really looks good on me, and she’s even going to lend me some of her jewels. They have come out of the bank vault especially for the occasion.”

“I can’t wait to see it, Vicky, but you know me. I think that you look sensational with no clothes on at all, but given that we would be arrested if I escorted you au natural, then the next best thing would be a beautiful gown. Hello magazine will be clamouring for an interview.”

She laughed, her beautiful, sexy, deep-throated laugh.

“Just to keep your interest, I plan to spend the evening without any panties. They would show through the gown.”

“My cock has immediately gone to half-mast. Don’t say things like that on the night or I will be spending the evening trying to force it back into place, and it could get very embarrassing when I am called on to shake hands with the Clintons.”

“Oh I think Bill would understand, especially after he sees me.”


Danny was a 21-year-old student when he met Gem in London in 1992. She was the most beautiful, sensuous and sexy woman he had ever met, and she was some years older and married to a wealthy businessman. So why did she pick him from all the men she might have chosen?


               Their affair was brief and dramatic, and introduced Danny to sexual passion, the like of which he had never experienced before. It also introduced him to the kind of woman who desired control and discipline in her life. Even though the affair lasted just a few weeks, it changed his life and changed his perception of the type of woman he wanted.


               Twenty years later he met a young woman and, for the first time in his life, he fell in love; but fate was not kind, and the events of twenty years earlier came back to haunt him as he realised that he might lose the woman of his dreams. He was powerless to act. He could not rewrite his life history.



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