Weekend Writing Warriors for April 30


Welcome to the blog where a group of authors offer 8 – 10 lines of their work, for others to read and comment. When you have finished here, why not click on the link (www.wewriwa.com) and see what others are writing?

I am once again taking my snippet from The Russian Bride. Natasha, who was born in Russia but has spent some years in England, is kidnapped by a Russian criminal called Viktor, and her journey ends at his home, an isolated house in a rural area near St. Petersburg. Viktor takes Natasha into the house. (Slightly edited to conform to the ten sentence rule.)

Natasha heard some girlish giggles and two glamorous young women came down the stairs and made a beeline for Viktor, chattering ten to the dozen in Russian. From the way they were dressed, Natasha deduced that they were not servants. They clung to Viktor’s arms, one on either side, and kissed him on the cheek. Viktor seemed a little irritated with them and shook them off, saying something in Russian that sounded brusque, which she couldn’t interpret. They backed off a little but remained close, eyeing Natasha suspiciously.

Viktor turned to her and spoke in English for her benefit.

“This is Lara and Ekaterina. They are rather stupid and drive me mad at times, but they’re good where it matters.”

Natasha deduced from their lack of reaction that they didn’t speak any English. However, she was not in a hurry to reveal that she knew what was being said as Viktor sent the girls away until dinnertime, without explaining the arrival of the young woman to them.

So the reason for Natasha’s kidnap is still only known to Viktor himself. Read more next time.

The Russian Bride Video Image


Natasha, a Russian-born woman living in London, catches the eye of Viktor, a middle-aged Russian gangster. He wants her as his wife, the mother of his son, and his submissive partner in the kinky sex he enjoys at his isolated home near Saint Petersburg. But he doesn’t ask her to accompany him – he just takes what he wants.

Surprisingly, Natasha begins to accept her new life. Is she really a natural submissive, or has Viktor brainwashed her? Viktor is adamant that he will not have sex with her until they are married, but he shows her just how kinky he likes it by taking her to orgies held by his friend, and tells her that this is the type of life she can expect as his wife.

Everything turns sour, however, and on a visit to London, Natasha has to flee for her life – where businessman, James Miller, comes to her aid. Over the course of the next few days, Natasha tells James her story, and as horrified as he is, he cannot deny his attraction to the beautiful young woman. He vows to help her.

Neither of them realize quite how much danger they will be in for defying Viktor, but James is willing to risk everything to rescue her from this man. Can he do it? And does Natasha return his feelings?

Publisher’s Note: This fast-paced tale contains explicit themes including power exchange, capture, multiple sexual partners and discipline. If such material offends, please do not purchase.

Buy Links for The Russian Bride are:

Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XH4C3BW

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XH4C3BW

Amazon Canada https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B06XH4C3BW

Amazon Australia https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B06XH4C3BW

Grigory_s special parties involved far more than champagne and canapés.


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