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I’ve been a bit absent on both my websites lately. I’m in the process, at the request of my publishers, in transferring my back catalogue of books into the name of Juliette Banks, the name I have used for the most recent books. Some of you may know that my Rachel de Vine name was open to spelling mistakes, and this caused a little confusion. Very soon all of my erotic romances will be published in Juliette’s name.

I am taking this opportunity to tidy up some of my earlier books, even re-writing in places, and one or two of the covers may be changed, before they are re-released. Once they are re-published I will continue to write in both names, but will keep the name of Rachel de Vine for short stories and writing in other genres.

I will keep you up to date as each book is released, and I hope you will continue to follow me, as well as visit me on my other website:

Please also follow me at and

Here’s a little video I made:


Looking forward to being back here soon with some new material. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great summer. (Except for my antipodean friends, who will insist on living on the other side of the Earth, and are now facing winter.)


4 thoughts on “News from the Front!

  1. Ahem: “…my Rachel de Vine name was open to spelling mistakes, and this caused a little confusion.” Try having a name like Hoornaert. My romance novels were all published under a pseudonym, but when I moved into science fiction chose my name’s uniqueness. Well, almost unique: as far as Google and family sources can learn, there are a handful of Edward Hoornaerts, three of whom are authors, one each in Belgium, USA, and Brazil.

    Good luck with your name change. Which of your websites is going to be the more active of the two?

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    1. I wouldn’t be so rude as to say that your name is a mouthful! Actually, when I first saw it, I assumed that you were Dutch, until your posts showed me differently. Darned other writers using your name too!

      The original spelling mistake wasn’t mine, but when the first book came out, it had been spelled Devine. Then another came out as De Vine, instead of de Vine. Apparently Amazon’s algorithms are easily affected – even a dot in the wrong place causes problems! So my publishers suggested a name change, and I got to pick a new one, hence Juliette. At the moment I have two Amazon author pages, two websites and two Twitter accounts. Lots of hard work!

      Re the two websites, the Wix one is my main one, but when I started on Wewriwa, I had problems connecting with the Wix site, so I started the new WordPress one. I will continue with both for the time being, until all the books are transferred – then will decide whether to continue being two people. Well, three actually, because there’s my real name. But that’s top secret in case the neighbours find out I write erotica! Funnily enough, there is another writer who has the same name as my real one, so if I write under my real name in the future, I might have to change it slightly. I will copy JK Rowling, and just use my initials.

      I still have two of your books on my Kindle waiting to be read. The speed of my current reading, I will probably get to them in 2020!


      1. The name’s not too hard to say: horner + t. It’s the spelling!

        The Ed H in Belgium (no relation?) will never be confused with my work; he writes poetry in Flemish. Ditto for cousin Eddie, who moved to Brazil when he left the priesthood to marry a nun; he writes weighty tomes about the history of the Catholic church in South America. I’m the lightweight of the bunch.

        A psychiatrist might be able to help.

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