The Russian Bride – FREE for 1 day only



The Russian Bride is currently in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, and for ONE DAY ONLY, this coming Saturday, June 3, it will be available to everyone FREE OF CHARGE! This early summer offer is unlikely to be repeated, so I hope that you will take the opportunity to get hold of a copy. The Buy Links are below.

Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

He awoke at around eight a.m. and lay for a moment on his back, going over the events of the night before. He must have been crazy, bringing home a woman like Natasha; anything could have happened. Supposing she was mentally disturbed? She could have picked up a knife from the kitchen and plunged it into his sleeping body. He decided to get dressed, and give the woman some breakfast and a wad of money to salve his conscience before dropping her back where he found her. Yes, he would do just that.

Fifteen minutes later, showered and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, he opened his bedroom door and smelled coffee. Natasha must be in the kitchen. Sure enough, as he entered his luxury kitchen, which he seldom used, not only was there a pot of freshly brewed coffee, but she had found some bacon in his fridge and was frying it. The smell of the coffee and bacon was intoxicating; a good way to start the day, he thought. He normally left for the office on an empty stomach, and had his secretary bring him a coffee and bagel as soon as he arrived.

She certainly looked better than the night before. She had clearly showered and washed her hair, which was still damp, and was again wearing his shirt. If ever a woman looked fuckable, Natasha, with her shapely figure encased in a man’s shirt, with bare legs, and probably a bare arse too, was it. He moved swiftly towards the breakfast bar so that he could conceal the bulge in his jeans. He was determined that he wasn’t going to let his dick be the one in charge.

“Good morning, Natasha, I hope you slept well.”

He decided not to mention the little episode at three-thirty, unless she brought it up. “Good morning. Yes, I slept very well, thank you.”
“Mmm, something smells good. Coffee and bacon is a good way to start the day,” he said.

“I hope you don’t mind… you know… doing this without your permission.”

“Not at all. I might have to make it a condition for my future girlfriends, that they make me breakfast before they leave.”

That was a crass thing to say, he thought. Implying that there was a revolving door of women who stayed over at his place when, in fact, it was a rare occurrence, but she made no comment and her expression didn’t change.

“I didn’t make toast yet because I couldn’t find bread in the fridge.”

He couldn’t remember when he last ate toast at home, but had a feeling that there was some bread in the freezer. He had guessed right, and brought a small frozen whole-wheat loaf to the toaster, which sat pristinely on top of the breakfast bar. He hoped he could remember how it worked, but he didn’t need to.

“It’s okay, I can do it. You sit and have some coffee, sir.”
“You don’t have to call me sir. My name is James.” 
“Oh, I… yes, of course.” 
Why had she called him sir, and why did she seem surprised when he told her to call him by name? He wondered if perhaps she was a submissive. It was about time they had a little chat.

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