Review of Roadhouse Blues by Malin James



On a very few occasions a book comes along that takes your breath away. This is such a book for me. It is a series of short, erotic stories, all connected by the fact that they involve the inhabitants of Styx, a fictional town in the southern part of the United States of America.


The characters are so immaculately drawn and described that they almost step off the page. There is sweet love, lost love, romantic love and frenzied, desperate love—two women who mourn one man, a dying man who reminds a strip dancer of her late father, rough sex, hot and dirty sex, and tenderness. All of life is there beneath the façade of a nowhere town that some can’t leave fast enough and others, for varying reasons, stay behind.


The dialogue throughout is superb. The characters are so multi-dimensional. The stories are at times happy and at times unbearably sad. Nothing is held back in the sexual contact between the characters, but none of it is gratuitous. I absolutely love this book. It is one of the best ones I have read for a long time.

(Be aware, however, that some of the sex is rough and graphic. It may not suit everyone.)

This is what other reviewers think:

“One of the most impactful, heart-warming books I’ve read, in any genre … I love every inch of this collection.” —Emmanuelle de Maupassant

“Reading ‘Roadhouse Blues,’ I was always aware that I was entering a world I’d revisit for the rest of my life.” —Ella Dawson


And here is the blurb:
Welcome to Styx—a blue-collar, American town where people can do whatever they like, so long as they don’t advertise. From a 1950s diner to the back of a rocking Camaro, the stories in Roadhouse Blues reveal sex that is by turns romantic, raw, triumphant, and desperate. Meet two women grieving the same man, a bartender looking for anything but love, and a hot, brash newlywed who knows she married a cheat. The local garage is run by a kick-ass woman who gives as fierce as she gets, and the strip club is a place full of whiskey and smoke, where memories are exposed as easily as skin.

“In the end,” writes author Malin James at, “sex is about people, and people have motivations, and sometimes those motivations surprise them.”

This is Roadhouse Blues. Surprise is just the beginning.

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