Weekend Writing Warriors for July 30


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where a great group of writers get together and share 8 – 10 line snippets from their work for others to comment on. When you have read my snippet, why not pop along and read what other authors have to say? (www.wewriwa.com)

One of my earlier books, Out of the Darkness, is being re-launched on August 16. Last week I produced a few lines from the present, when Marianne, a beautiful, top model, is in a relationship with William, a publisher. I am now going back in time to where she muses about her earlier years as a model. (Edited to fit.)

I had a few love affairs, but I had never fallen in love. I saw most for what they were, men who viewed a beautiful woman as another symbol of their success, like expensive sports cars, yachts, and luxury villas. I tried to stay away from that sort of man, but I wasn’t always clever enough to spot the ones who should be avoided at all costs—they didn’t all look like Russian gangsters.

My mind went back to my worst ‘mistake’.


The man who introduced me to the ‘darker arts,’ as I often referred to them, was Leon, a French multi-millionaire who invited me for dinner, which turned out to be on his yacht in the Mediterranean. He sent his private jet to transport me from London to St Tropez.

“Isn’t this rather a long way to go for dinner?” I asked, telling him that I had a fashion shoot in Paris the following day.

Leon had a very slight air of menace to him, even though he was handsome beyond words, and I hesitated briefly. He leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips and, in a moment of insanity I accepted his invitation.

Out of the Darkness Cover 3

She was one of the most beautiful and photographed women in the world.

She lived every young girl’s dream.

But sometimes the dream and the reality don’t match up.

The missing father; the predatory stepfather; the abusive lover; they all let her down.

Then she met the man of her dreams—but fate was cruel and she was alone again…

…until a powerful and charismatic Dom, who excited her like no other man before, stepped into her life.

Was he the man she had sought her whole life? Would he show her the way out of the darkness and into the loving, submissive relationship she had always craved?

NOTE: This book was previously published, under the same name but with a different cover, under the author name of Rachel de Vine.

Out of the Darkness will be released on August 16. Here is the link to a Facebook page for the book.


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17 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for July 30

    1. Thanks, Veronica. I realised recently that nearly all my female main characters have such a struggle in early life, that dictates their later one. I shall have to try and write a ‘happy’ character!


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