Out of the Darkness – an erotic novel

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I am re-launching an earlier book of mine, Out of the Darkness, on August 16. It was originally published three years ago, under my other writing name of Rachel de Vine.

She is one of the most beautiful and photographed women in the world.

She is living every young girl’s dream.

But sometimes the dream and the reality don’t match up.

The missing father; the predatory stepfather; the abusive lover; they all let her down.

Then she meets the man of her dreams – but fate is cruel and she is left alone again…

… until a powerful and charismatic Dom, who excites her like no other man before, steps into her life.

Is he the man she has been seeking her whole life? Will he show her the way out of the darkness and into the loving, submissive relationship she has always craved?


Publisher’s Note: This sweet and sensual love story is a revised and newly edited version of a book previously released under the same title but with the pen name Rachel De Vine.

NOTE: Out of the Darkness is an erotic romance, with elements of bdsm. If such material offends, please do not purchase.

“Oh I work hard, but I play hard, too. Do you play hard, Marianne?”

Pleasure or pain corset



He seemed a very powerful, charismatic man, but one who exercised his power in an understated way. I couldn’t imagine him losing his cool and shouting. Some sixth sense also told me that he was a dominant man, especially in bed, and the thought brought a spasm and dampness between my legs. I hadn’t had a lover for a little while, so it didn’t take a great deal for my normally healthy libido to respond. He looked sideways at me and I knew that he knew about my spark of interest. He was clearly a very intuitive man, but he gave no obvious response. He was not flirting with me and he made no attempt to touch me, as he had the stewardess.

“So, Marianne, what takes you to New York, work or pleasure? Or perhaps the two come together for you.”

“Mainly work, although I am hoping to do a little shopping while I’m there. And you? Work I suppose?”

“Yes, but I never overlook the need for a little pleasure too. Life is too short for all work and no play. As someone once said, very few men on their deathbed say that they wished they had spent more time at the office. Is that not true, Marianne?”

I loved the way he looked directly at my face as he spoke my name, even though he was sitting alongside. He gave me his complete attention, unlike many men who seem to look everywhere but my face when they were talking to me. I often think I should have a second pair of eyes on my breasts, so men could look at both at the same time.

“Yes, you’re right. My father worked himself into an early grave and never got the chance to enjoy the fruits of his labour.”

That was a lie, because I never knew my father. For all I knew, he could be the British Prime Minister. But it just seemed the right thing to say at the time, and for some years I had talked to people about this fantasy father, as though it was more acceptable to have had a father and lost him, than never to have had a father at all. Perhaps it was the lack of a father that made me search for a fatherly figure in my life; a search that had only brought fleeting happiness in my life so far.

“Oh I work hard, but I play hard, too. Do you play hard, Marianne?”
I shivered and half turned in my seat to look at his face. Sure enough there was the glint in the eye and the almost imperceptible facial expression that I had seen before, and I knew that he was a Dominant. I had been around enough of them to recognize one. After my past experiences, I should have been more wary, and run a mile. But where do you run to when you are 33,000 feet in the air over the Atlantic? I couldn’t stop myself from saying it as though an invisible force was drawing it from me. “Yes, I do like to play hard, Sir.” He lifted my hand to his lips and gave me a soft kiss. From that point on my fate was probably sealed. The attraction had been instantaneous. I knew that William and I were almost certainly going to play together, in one way or another.

“A man could go to war in defence of a body like yours, you know. You hold most men in the palm of your hand.”

Out of the Darkness Cover 3


My Facebook Page for this book is https://www.facebook.com/outofthedarknessnovel/

My FacebookPage for Juliette Banks is https://www.facebook.com/juliettebanksauthor/

My Amazon Author Page for Juliette Banks is https://www.amazon.com/Juliette-Banks/e/B01K0EIMNW

Out of the Darkness is due to be re-published on August 16, 2017


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