Weekend Writing Warriors for August 6


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where a great group of writers get together and share 8 – 10 line snippets from their work for others to comment on. When you have read my snippet, why not pop along and read what other authors have to say? (www.wewriwa.com)

The snippet is again from my forthcoming release (on August 16) of Out of the Darkness. Last week, Marianne, a famous model, had a lucky escape from an over-enthusiastic devotee of kinky sex, who thought that her lack of protest was tantamount to her agreement. She decided to go and live in New York for a while. One evening she went alone to an exhibition of a well-known photographer’s pictures.

The exhibition was a retrospective of a number of years work by the world famous photographer, about whom I had heard but never met. I had heard that Chad Baker was quite reclusive and rarely appeared in public, so I was not expecting to meet him at the gallery.

The photographs were at times raw, shocking, thought provoking, and sometimes amusing. He covered a multitude of subjects—men, women, children, and sometimes just objects and landscapes. I was fascinated by them, and so engrossed that I didn’t notice a woman eyeing me from a few feet away, until she shrieked at the top of her voice, “Oh, my God, it’s Marianne Delaney.”

Suddenly, almost every pair of eyes in the room were zeroing in on me. The cool people pretended not to hear, or that they had no idea who I was, but many of the others, uninhibited by several glasses of champagne, began to move towards me, trying to chat to me as though they were my new best friend, or asking me to sign their programmes. Pretty soon I had a dozen people around me. I felt hemmed in and embarrassed for the exhibition organisers, who didn’t deserve such a distraction. Perhaps it was time I went?

The price of fame, hey! Tune in next week to find out how Marianne escapes from her over-enthusiastic fans (a problem that I am unlikely to experience!).

Oh I work hard..backless dress Twitter

She is one of the most beautiful and photographed women in the world.

She is living every young girl’s dream.

But sometimes the dream and the reality don’t match up.

The missing father; the predatory stepfather; the abusive lover; they all let her down.

Then she meets the man of her dreams – but fate is cruel and she is left alone again…

… until a powerful and charismatic Dom, who excites her like no other man before, steps into her life.

Is he the man she has been seeking her whole life? Will he show her the way out of the darkness and into the loving, submissive relationship she has always craved?


Publisher’s Note: This sweet and sensual love story is a revised and newly edited version of a book previously released under the same title but with the pen name Rachel De Vine.


Out of the Darkness will be released on August 16. Here is the link to a Facebook page for the book.


Out of the Darkness Cover 3


12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for August 6

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I wrote this book about three years ago, and it seemed strange to come back to it. But I saw some glaring errors that needed correcting before my publishers re-released it in my new writing name (Juliette Banks). She is like other beautiful, but damaged women I have met in my life. Beauty is much prized in our society, but it often comes at a huge cost. Not that anyone will feel sorry for a beautiful, successful model!


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