BEYOND THE LAST PAGE – by writers of The Nu Romantics

….because the end is the beginning of forever


I’m so pleased to have been invited to contribute a story to a new anthology by the Writers of The Nu Romantics. These talented writers have produced six sensual stories that are quite different from other romance stories. In fact, their ambition is to redefine romance. I hope you will take a look at this anthology to see if they have succeeded.

The book is due to be published on January 31, but it is now available for pre-release purchase at the special price of 99c. You should not miss it. This is the universal link.

A taste of the stories inside……

“Beyond the Rain” by R.B. O’Brien

Young love is like the first time one sees a shooting star; it’s bright and magical. But not all stars can be seen through the rain. When Julietta and Max fall in love one romantic and lustful summer, etching their forever promises into the big oak under a night sky, neither could predict what the stars had in store for their future. Will their love last beyond the rain?

“Beyond Forever” by Sebastian Nox

Is this life a dream within a dream? For lovers Adam and Abigail, it may be their reality, a universe of two. Or is it a prison? Beyond their love. Beyond Forever.

“Beyond The Call of Duty” by Rachel de Vine

Fearing death, he learns how to live. But can he forget the girl he left at home for a brief taste of heaven? The call of duty during the First World War tested people and relationships to their limit.

“Beyond the Mask” by Mark A Morris

In a world where most people hide behind masks, can Kathleen and Sean find truth?

“Beyond Mercy” by Summer Layne

One night. Three lives forever changed. Mercy never imagined finding love in the arms of two men or how much it would hurt to leave them. Can they find their way back together?

“Beyond the Last Breath” by Ashlee Shades

While his wife lay in the hospital bed, barely clinging on to life, Thomas reflects on their years together and the happy memories they created. When they pledged, ”Till death do you part,” no one ever explained the pain of loving beyond the last breath.



And now a couple of extracts for you to enjoy:

From Beyond the Rain by R.B. O’Brien

There was a sexual energy in that summer of ’69. It was a summer where girls’ breasts swelled and boys’ legs stretched for miles; where tummies were sucked in and stretched flat; where girls wished their hips were round enough to hold up the strings of their bikinis and boys hoped they were round enough for different reasons; and it was the summer Max and Julietta would fall in love.

Max was the first to dive off the dock that day they all followed each other down to the lake, chasing each other on their bikes, the girls ahead until they weren’t. He was such a show-off, such a boy’s boy, to everyone else, but to Julietta, he would come to be known as a romantic, a side only she got to see. It made her feel special. He always made her feel…so many things.

Max’s lean body dove head-first, the blonde of his summer-kissed hair, darker after the Mountain Peaks’ water wet it, his eyes looking at her, always, first, before anyone else in their large group, causing her skin to blush and goose-pebble. She hated to dive off the dock, the water always getting in her ears, the sunblock fading off her face, making the freckles she hated that much more susceptible to the sun’s razor beams, that much more visible. The two were complete opposites. He was tan and tall and gregarious; and she, skin like ivory, was shy and bookish and too voluptuous for a 13-year-old.

But he never threw her in and as the summer days crept on, Julietta and Max slowly began to find other things to do than jump off docks or hang out with the gang. Though they never spoke much those first few weeks, there was an invisible force pulling them, an electric charge between them, something unspoken, and she discovered how to touch herself at night in just that way that made her body shudder as the stars and moon witnessed her ecstasy through her open window, where she’d say his name quietly into the pillow, and feel things in her belly like the fluttering of a caged bird being let free for the first time. It made her feel as if being thirteen should be forever stopped still in time…

From my own story, Beyond the Call of Duty

But their teenage existence didn’t last long. After six months of courting, the talk of war became more vocal. People stood in huddles in each other’s living rooms, listening to the wireless for news about what might be ahead.

“If there’s a war, Tom, shall we go?” Archie’s eyes sparkled at the thought of adventure.

Tom was not so sure. “I don’t expect we’ll get much choice. But I’d go anyway—especially if all my pals are going. I wouldn’t let you go without me. Besides, it’s our patriotic duty, isn’t it?”

“Dolly,” he whispered to his sweetheart one evening when everyone was absorbed with the news on the wireless, “I think we should wed. I want to marry you before I go to war.”

A tear sprung in Dolly’s eye at this less than romantic proposal. There was no chance that she would turn down his request, even though she’d hoped for something a little more exciting—perhaps Tom getting down on one knee and pledging his eternal love would have been grand, but still, a proposal was a proposal when all was said and done.

“Yes,” she whispered back.

Of course, being under age, they would need parental consent. It was swiftly given, and at the end of June 1914, the two were married in the tiny parish church at the end of the road. Dolly wore her best dress and carried a small posy of flowers, while Tom’s mother stretched her budget to buy a ready-made suit for her only son, and put a flower in his buttonhole from the bride’s posy.

“I’m not having my son wed in someone else’s suit. You know how people gossip and judge.”

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2 thoughts on “BEYOND THE LAST PAGE – by writers of The Nu Romantics

  1. Glad to hear from you again, Rachel. Re: the first snippet, the summer of ’69 was great for me — June was when I got hitched (still married to her!) And about your snippet, WWI affected my family in so many ways, including relocating to Canada. They were Belgian war refugees ferried across the Channel by the British Expeditionary Force, but Britain did NOT want all those filthy foreigners so they shipped them off to the colonies. Anyway, this collection is interesting for many reasons. I’ll go ahead and pre-order it!


  2. Great to hear from you, Ed. Wow! So Golden Wedding Anniversary this year then? Congratulations. Glad to hear you plan to order the anthology. I’m sure you will enjoy the stories. Each one is so different.

    I have a book of my own coming out before too long, so might make it back to the Weekend Writing Warriors some time. Life is frantic, partly because my 95 year old Dad is becoming frail and needs more care.

    Enjoy your anniversary celebration!


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