About Rachel de Vine and Juliette Banks

Rachel de Vine was the pen name I chose when I began to write romantic stories with an erotic, more adult twist. I have loved writing since I was a child, even winning a competition for writing, but life intervened and I only returned to writing more recently. Writing is my main passion, but I also love travel, reading (anything and everything), history, music and family.  I have been lucky enough to travel the world to many wonderful places.

I love to write about strong, intelligent and passionate characters, who lead interesting lives. Some of my stories are contemporary, while others are historical. I like to explore the sexuality and sensuality that lurks beneath the surface of most of us, and I often fall in love and lust with my leading male character when I am writing about him. I am a fickle woman though, because as soon as I begin a new book a new male character takes his place. Some of my female lead characters face many challenges throughout their journey, but I always try to end my stories on a positive, happy note. I am an optimist and prefer happy endings.

Juliette Banks is a pen name I have just started using. My publishers were concerned about the possibility of mis-spelling de Vine (Devine, De Vine etc) and suggested I try publishing under a different name. So now I use both names.

If you have some comments about my books, or constructive criticism, I would be interested to hear from you.


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