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I’m sorry I have been ‘missing’ on this site for so long. 2019 was a challenging year for me, but I am still battling on!

I decided to make a new cover for Sabine, and the end result is above. I hope you like it. In honour of the new cover, I am running a two day Amazon Countdown Deal on March 5 to 7, when this book, as well as the first in the series, Nothing to Regret, are both on SALE for just 99c / 99p each. (Sorry, only available on e-books in the USA and UK.)

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If you haven’t already bought these two, I hope you will take advantage of this special deal. The books can be read as standalones, but for a better experience, I suggest you read them both.

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SABINE by Rachel de Vine



When the man she loved, let her down, could she trust anyone again?


Finding herself alone again, after a passionate three-way romance, Sabine is overjoyed to make a fresh start in the South of France with a new job and a new man. It is 1961, and the post-war world is changing fast. Rich people begin flocking to the French Riviera in search of the good life. But criminals are also attracted to this new source of money. Russia is still a closed Communist state, but some are able to bribe their way in and out of the country for the rich pickings of the Mediterranean life. Sabine’s world comes crashing down, when she finds herself a pawn in a power game, and is taken hostage by a gang of Russian criminals. There begins the most tumultuous year of her life. A year packed with love and tragedy. This is a fast-paced, hot and steamy story, that will have you on the edge of your seat, as Sabine tries to overcome danger and heartache. Will she ever find her rainbow’s end?

Sabine is the follow-on book to Nothing to Regret, but can be read as a standalone.


SABINE is now available for pre-order at the price of 99c, to increase to $2.99 after the publication date of November 2.

How could she be attracted to the man who had kidnapped her?

Excerpt 1. (Steamy!)


It was after five p.m. when Alexis returned. He seemed like a man on a mission; and I recognized the look on his face. He wasted no time, and turned to lock the shop door and drew down the blind.

“That bastard, Sergei. I can’t stand the man, but I have to do business with him. I wouldn’t trust him further than I could throw him. But now, let’s forget him. I want to do some business with you.”

I saw the familiar glint in his eyes. He was not the most romantic of men, in terms of words, but the language that came via his eyes was easy to understand and impossible to resist. He grabbed my hand and led me into the stock room behind the shop. Taking hold of me around the waist he drew me towards him.

“I’ve been thinking of this moment all day, and I can’t wait a second longer.”

He kissed me hard, leaving me with no doubt as to the urgency of his need. His lips forced mine apart, and his tongue entered my mouth. Lowering his hands to my hips, he pulled my body in tightly to his, his arousal very obvious.

I responded with equal enthusiasm.

“You mean I didn’t satisfy you enough last night?” I demanded.

“My love, I could fu*k you three times a day, and still want more. I take one look at your beautiful breasts, or your delicious ass, or your sweet face, and I want you every time.”


He might have killed her, but he fell in love with her instead.

Excerpt 2

“Max, it’s Sabine. I’m sorry to wake you, but I’m worried about Alexis, er, Monsieur Dubois.”

Well that’s a bit stupid, I thought, calling him by his full name, when Max knew very well that I was ringing from Alexis’s apartment. Max seemed immediately awake and at attention.

“Is he not there, Madame?” He always called me by my formal title. Max didn’t believe in too much informality, even where his fellow employees were concerned.

“No. He went to the casino for dinner, with some business associates, and told me he would be back at ten p.m., but he hasn’t returned. The casino closes at two. Even if he wanted to gamble, he would have been back long before now.”

There was a brief pause, while Max was clearly reviewing his options. He resumed the conversation.

“I’ll immediately alert the hotel security guard, and I’ll ring the police to see if an accident has been reported. Did Monsieur Dubois leave in the hotel car, or in that of his dinner guests?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Very well. Stay in Mr Dubois’ room. I’ll ring you back when I have anything to report.” He put the phone down.

I replaced the receiver and sat up in bed, my mind in a turmoil. I knew Alexis didn’t much care for gambling, and I knew he was in the company of that awful Russian man, Sergei. I was doubtful that he would have wanted to remain in his company for any longer than necessary. Maybe he was engaged in a poker game? He did occasionally play – but usually only with good friends, and not at the casino – usually either here, in his apartment, or in the villa of one of his friends. It would be so embarrassing if I raised the alarm, and something like that had happened; Alexis might be annoyed with me checking up on him. After all, I was not yet his official girlfriend. On the other hand, if something had happened to him, they needed to find him as soon as possible. Any delay might prove costly.

It was a long fifteen minutes before Max rang back.

“The hotel car took M. Dubois to the casino. But received a call a few hours later that he wasn’t required to drive him home—that he had alternative transport.”

“Was it Monsieur Dubois himself who cancelled the car?”

“No, someone else called him.”

“So, what can we do now? Do you think we should call the police?”

Max’s calm, reassuring voice came over the line.

“Not yet. One of the security staff has gone to the casino, to see if he can find out where he went. He will ring with any news. Just stay and do nothing until you hear from me again.”

I prowled the apartment, not wanting to get back into bed. I’d never been there alone before. Alexis had always been present. Part of me wanted to look around to see if I could find any clue about the man I thought I knew, but actually knew little. I was reluctant to snoop into any of his cupboards and drawers. My guilty look would give me away immediately if Alexis asked me. But this wasn’t a normal occurrence. The man might be in danger, in need of help. Or was I just being melodramatic?

I knew Alexis kept a handgun in the drawer of the bedside table. I’d seen it once when he went in there for something, and he laughed at the shocked look on my face.

“It’s my wartime revolver,” he told me. I never handed it in when the war was over. It’s just for my peace of mind—in case an intruder breaks in.”

I sat on the side of the bed and looked at the closed drawer. Should I take a look? The temptation was too great. I reached out and slowly opened the drawer. The gun was missing. I bent to see to the back of the drawer, in case it had been pushed backwards. Still no gun. My heart skipped a beat. Alexis must have taken it with him, and if so, he must have been expecting trouble.

“I want to take you to the edge; make you cry with need for me.”

Excerpt 3

I had to admit that I was coming to like the enigmatic Russian more and more. There was no doubt he possessed a sexual aura, a mixture of good looks, power and a physical presence. Under other circumstances I would be sexually attracted to him, for sure. But these weren’t ordinary circumstances, and I tried to ignore him when he was watching me with those dark, smouldering eyes. The last thing I wanted to do was fall for my gangster captor.

The sexual tension got to me sometimes, and in the privacy of my darkened room, I indulged in stroking and massaging myself to rid myself of the frustration I felt. Sex had always been an important part of my life, but right now survival was more important. Nevertheless, I sometimes became aware of my body becoming heated and on edge, when I saw he was studying me in his intense manner. If I was sexually frustrated, I was sure he was too. Perhaps he went with women, on the occasions he was absent from the house. I had no idea.

One day, in the late afternoon, I was coming from the bathroom, wearing a thin robe they had given me, and with my wet hair wrapped in a towel, and carrying my clothes. In the corridor, Gustav was approaching from the opposite direction. He stopped in front of me.

“Ah, good, you’ve finished in the bathroom. I feel sticky from the heat and need to bathe before dinner.”

I was embarrassingly aware that my thin robe was sticking to me because of the heat and the moisture, and that the front of the robe was gaping a little. I couldn’t really do anything about it because of the clothes I was carrying. I could see admiration in Gustav’s eyes. I’ve been around men long enough to know when they are sexually aroused. I lowered my eyes to his groin, to look for a suspicious bulge in his pants, and hurriedly raised them again when I realised what I had done. It had been instinctive, and I hoped that Gustav hadn’t noticed. But, of course, he had. The corner of his lips turned up with amusement, and his eyes glinted.

“You make a very delectable sight, Sabine, standing just a few metres from my bedroom, and clearly naked under that robe.”

He stopped talking and just stood in front of me. I began to feel uncomfortable. Yet at the same time, I was definitely turned on by his magnetism, and my own unfulfilled needs. After several seconds he gave a brief laugh.

“Well I had better bathe. I’ll see you at dinner. Oh, by the way, wear the red velvet dress tonight.” He stood aside to let me pass. I hurried back downstairs to my room and sat on the bed for a moment to regain my composure, and stop trembling. There was no doubt about it, I was sexually attracted to my captor, and, seemingly, him to me. What, if anything, was I going to do about this?


Your chance to buy the previous book,Nothing to Regret

Nothing to Regret, a steamy love story set in 1950s France, is now ON SALE for 99c for a limited period, until after the follow-on book, Sabine, comes out in late October. They are written as standalones, but reading the first one will give you an interesting background into Sabine’s early life.

Universal Link:

 Beatrice, fresh from university, is determined to become a writer, but her sheltered life in 1950s England, as a vicar’s daughter, ill-equips her emotionally to become one. She decides, just ten years after a major world war has ravaged Europe, to travel alone around the continent, to not only discover a life outside her protected bubble, but to discover herself.

Arriving in France in 1955, she meets Sabine, a beautiful, older French woman and her lover, Charles, an Englishman, a French resident for many years. Both Charles and Sabine are captivated by the beautiful, but naïve and sexually innocent English girl, and Beatrice is willingly drawn into a three-way steamy love affair with the two.

But Charles, although charismatic, is sometimes moody and melancholic—a relic from his dysfunctional childhood. He falls desperately in love with Beatrice—with tempestuous results. When all seems lost, and Beatrice is in despair, help reaches her from an unexpected source. Will another man, waiting in the wings, help her to pick up the pieces of her fractured life?

About the author:

Rachel de Vine (who also sometimes writes as Juliette Banks) lives in a rural part of England, but loves travelling the world. Most of her recent books can be classed as “steamy”, because she is a woman who is not shy in giving her characters passionate sex lives. She also like to incorporate interesting stories, as well as the steamy passion, and her readers tell her they enjoy the thrills and adventure that some of her characters experience. You can find out more about her using the following links.

Her website is:

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Hello again!

2019-02-21 14.50.37-1


Sorry I’ve been ‘missing’ for a while. My dear old Dad passed away in March, so it has been a bit of an up and down year. He was 95 and had a good, long life, but sadly his last months were difficult ones, with dementia and other problems. This was one of the last pictures of him, taken in February, during a very unusually warm period, when we could sit outside, which he loved to do. Sadly, a month later, he was gone. But I was with him right to the end, and I am grateful for that.

He would have been horrified to learn that he passed on the day my last book was published. But I didn’t mind. There will be other books, but never another Dad. Just to add to the problem, Amazon wrongly classified the book, and it became impossible to find without the link, so the book was a bit doomed. I have now written the follow-on story, called SABINE, (although the books can each be read as a standalone), so I thought I would relaunch the first book as a special sale before the next one is released. For the next few weeks, therefore, NOTHING TO REGRET, will be ON SALE for 99c. If you haven’t already read the first book, why not give it a try?

COVER Nothing to Regret (Final)


Universal Link:

He taught her the ways of love, but didn’t know how to love.

Beatrice, fresh from university, is determined to become a writer, but her sheltered  life in 1950s England, as a vicar’s daughter, ill-equips her emotionally to become one. She decides, just ten years after a major world war has ravaged Europe, to travel alone around the continent, to not only discover a life outside her protected bubble, but to discover herself.

Arriving in France in 1955, she meets Sabine, a beautiful, older French woman and her lover, Charles, an Englishman, a French resident for many years. Both Charles and Sabine are captivated by the beautiful, but naïve and sexually innocent English girl, and Beatrice is willingly drawn into a three-way steamy love affair with the two.

But Charles, although charismatic, is sometimes moody and melancholic—a relic from his dysfunctional childhood. He falls desperately in love with Beatrice—with tempestuous results. When all seems lost, and Beatrice is in despair, help reaches her from an unexpected source. Will another man, waiting in the wings, help her to pick up the pieces of her fractured life?

This steamy love affair has an emotional centre that will tug at your heart—and other parts too, as Beatrice travels from innocence to maturity in just a few, short months. But will she achieve her dream of becoming a writer? Or will she return home with a damaged heart?

What reviewers have said about Nothing to Regret

“This book has it all! Love. Friendship. A love triangle. Eroticism. Romance. Heartbreak. Art. Paris. Italy. And a twist you won’t see coming!

I adored each word as I strolled with Beatrice through her journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening in the most beautiful and well-crafted prose. I could envision each setting and nuance de Vine painted in her words. The writing is clean and wonderfully crafted for the senses. And the character development is so rich. I grew to know and understand each of the characters, even in this first-person narrative. Sabine’s tenderness; Charles rough edges; and Henri’s acceptance all come together with such vision and satisfaction for the reader.

It’s clear that de Vine takes her time building her story-telling craft, settings, and characters until I found myself crying at the end. For sadness or joy or both, you will have to read to find out!”


“Rachel has done a fantastic job of telling the story of a young womans sexual awakening and coming of age in the middle of the twentieth century. The story draws you in and takes you along for her journey into womanhood. A great heartfelt story from beginning to end. Do not pass this book up! It is an absolutely wonderful read!”


I will be introducing you to SABINE in my next blog, but just as a hint, the South of France and Russia are featured, as is a kidnapping, a criminal gang, and lots of passionate sex between the main characters. Don’t miss it!

NOTHING TO REGRET by Rachel de Vine



COVER Nothing to Regret (Final)

He taught her the ways of love, but he didn’t know how to love.

Beatrice, fresh from university, is determined to become a writer, but her sheltered life in 1950s England, as a vicar’s daughter, ill-equips her emotionally to become one. She decides, just ten years after a major world war has ravaged Europe, to travel alone around the continent, to not only discover a life outside her protected bubble, but to discover herself.

Arriving in France in 1955, she meets Sabine, a beautiful, older French woman and her lover, Charles, an Englishman, a French resident for many years. Both Charles and Sabine are captivated by the beautiful, but naïve and sexually innocent English girl, and Beatrice is willingly drawn into a three-way steamy love affair with the two.

But Charles, although charismatic, is sometimes moody and melancholic—a relic from his dysfunctional childhood. He falls desperately in love with Beatrice—with tempestuous results. When all seems lost, and Beatrice is in despair, help reaches her from an unexpected source. Will another man, waiting in the wings, help her to pick up the pieces of her fractured life?

This steamy love affair has an emotional centre that will tug at your heart—and other parts too, as Beatrice travels from innocence to maturity in just a few, short months. But will she achieve her dream of becoming a writer? Or will she return home with a damaged heart?

Due for publication on March 22. Special pre-order price 99c

Universal link:

Excerpt 1

Summer 1955

I leaned against the ship’s railing on that sunny August morning, watching as the white cliffs of Dover receded from view. The lump in my stomach had been there all day, yet hadn’t stopped me from boarding the ferry for Calais at mid-day. The Second World War had now been over for ten years. Yet I was still nervous about what I would find when I stepped on to French soil for the first time. Would there be terrible damage from the bombs? Would the language barrier make travelling difficult for me? I knew some schoolgirl French, but I wasn’t sure if that would be enough.

I looked up and caught the gaze of a middle-aged woman standing a few feet away.

“First time abroad, dear?”

I paused for a moment, unwilling to reveal my complete lack of experience. Finally, I turned and gave a half smile.

“Yes. Yes, it is. Does it show?”

“It was just the wistful look you gave at the sight of the Dover cliffs. Made me wonder if you were a bit nervous about leaving home, dear.”

I smiled, but didn’t answer—not wanting to get into conversation, but be alone with my thoughts. The woman turned back towards her companion.

Was it so obvious that I was utterly inexperienced in the ways of the world? Oxford had been such a bubble—cut off from reality. Mixing with academics and fellow students, reading, reading, reading, writing essays—it all seemed to take place in a secret world where the real world rarely intruded. Then back home to the vicarage for a month, feeling as though I no longer belonged to my previous life. My friends and family had not changed, but I had. I suppose many people leave university planning to experience the world of their dreams—perhaps some make it, but many drop back into the safe and comfortable existence they had known until then. I was determined to be among those who reach the life they dreamed about—had dreamed about since childhood in fact—or I would die in the attempt.

I’d always known I wanted more than the life into which I was born. Safety, security, and predictability—they were not for me. I wanted to grab life with both hands, experience everything that was offered and eventually to write about it. The thought was both exciting and terrifying.

I walked a little further along the deck and resolutely turned my eyes away from the receding cliffs and towards the open Channel, determined to look forward to the future. The screeching seagulls that had followed the ferry since we left Dover began to diminish in number as they headed back to port. Part of me desperately wanted to do the same. But the brave part of me—that which had kept me determined about my goals—was still dominant.

“But darling, what will you do on your own over there?” My mother had found it impossible to understand why I, or anyone she knew, would want to drift off into the unknown, with no destination in mind and no obvious ambition, other than to travel and experience life.

From innocence to maturity, in a few passionate months

Excerpt 2

Finally, dinner was over. My nerves were becoming more and more shredded as each moment passed, before what I knew was going to be the most momentous event of my young life. Would I make a fool of myself? Suppose I began to giggle with nerves. How I envied Sabine’s sophisticated manner. Nothing seemed to make her nervous.

It was Sabine who made the first move. She rose from the table and took my hand.

“Come, Beatrice, let’s go in the other room and dance. I love to dance.”

She led me into the salon, and Charles followed, carrying the painting, which he set down on the elegant sofa. He walked over to an old gramophone that had seen better days and picked up some discs, selecting one and placing it on the turntable. The unmistakeable voice of Edith Piaf filled the room with “L’Hymne á l’amour”, which I recognized from my short stay in Paris. I’d heard it at one of the many cafes on the Boulevard Saint-Michel, which I’d frequented during my stay in the capital. I went there knowing that some great French writers had worked at these tables in the past. Perhaps I felt that their talent could be absorbed through my skin in such hallowed surroundings?

Seeing Sabine kick off her heels, I followed suit. The floor was wooden parquet, once highly polished, but now looking somewhat neglected. Sabine held out her hand and gently pulled me towards her and we began a slow dance together. Charles sat on one of the Louis Quinze reproduction sofas, his arm slung casually over the back, watched us intently. He’d removed his jacket and shoes, and looked relaxed. I trembled deep inside and was sure that Sabine would sense this. But she continued dancing, drawing me into her chest so I could feel her perfect breasts move up and down with each breath she took. I’d never been so close to another woman before, but somehow it felt completely natural.

I didn’t know what to do, or how to behave. Should I move my hand along her arm? I was such a novice at all this. I didn’t need to worry. Sabine knew exactly what to do. She bent her face closer to mine and kissed me gently on the lips. My first intimate kiss—and it was from a woman. Did this mean I was now a lesbian? I’d heard the word at university, used to describe a female lecturer who had an affair with one of the students, and was dismissed from the college. I ceased to think about anything, however, as Sabine kissed me again—this time more firmly, her soft, luscious lips pressed hard against mine. I felt a little giddy, and it wasn’t just because of the amount of wine I’d consumed. I felt wicked, deliciously wicked. Was I now condemned to a descent into Hell, as my father might have described it? I didn’t know, and what’s more, I didn’t care.

As her lips eventually released mine, I looked over at Charles, who had a half smile on his face, as one hand lazily moved up and down in his groin area. Was he pleasuring himself? I didn’t even know if that was the correct word for such an action. I smiled at him, which seemed to make him happy.


BEYOND THE LAST PAGE – by writers of The Nu Romantics

….because the end is the beginning of forever


I’m so pleased to have been invited to contribute a story to a new anthology by the Writers of The Nu Romantics. These talented writers have produced six sensual stories that are quite different from other romance stories. In fact, their ambition is to redefine romance. I hope you will take a look at this anthology to see if they have succeeded.

The book is due to be published on January 31, but it is now available for pre-release purchase at the special price of 99c. You should not miss it. This is the universal link.

A taste of the stories inside……

“Beyond the Rain” by R.B. O’Brien

Young love is like the first time one sees a shooting star; it’s bright and magical. But not all stars can be seen through the rain. When Julietta and Max fall in love one romantic and lustful summer, etching their forever promises into the big oak under a night sky, neither could predict what the stars had in store for their future. Will their love last beyond the rain?

“Beyond Forever” by Sebastian Nox

Is this life a dream within a dream? For lovers Adam and Abigail, it may be their reality, a universe of two. Or is it a prison? Beyond their love. Beyond Forever.

“Beyond The Call of Duty” by Rachel de Vine

Fearing death, he learns how to live. But can he forget the girl he left at home for a brief taste of heaven? The call of duty during the First World War tested people and relationships to their limit.

“Beyond the Mask” by Mark A Morris

In a world where most people hide behind masks, can Kathleen and Sean find truth?

“Beyond Mercy” by Summer Layne

One night. Three lives forever changed. Mercy never imagined finding love in the arms of two men or how much it would hurt to leave them. Can they find their way back together?

“Beyond the Last Breath” by Ashlee Shades

While his wife lay in the hospital bed, barely clinging on to life, Thomas reflects on their years together and the happy memories they created. When they pledged, ”Till death do you part,” no one ever explained the pain of loving beyond the last breath.



And now a couple of extracts for you to enjoy:

From Beyond the Rain by R.B. O’Brien

There was a sexual energy in that summer of ’69. It was a summer where girls’ breasts swelled and boys’ legs stretched for miles; where tummies were sucked in and stretched flat; where girls wished their hips were round enough to hold up the strings of their bikinis and boys hoped they were round enough for different reasons; and it was the summer Max and Julietta would fall in love.

Max was the first to dive off the dock that day they all followed each other down to the lake, chasing each other on their bikes, the girls ahead until they weren’t. He was such a show-off, such a boy’s boy, to everyone else, but to Julietta, he would come to be known as a romantic, a side only she got to see. It made her feel special. He always made her feel…so many things.

Max’s lean body dove head-first, the blonde of his summer-kissed hair, darker after the Mountain Peaks’ water wet it, his eyes looking at her, always, first, before anyone else in their large group, causing her skin to blush and goose-pebble. She hated to dive off the dock, the water always getting in her ears, the sunblock fading off her face, making the freckles she hated that much more susceptible to the sun’s razor beams, that much more visible. The two were complete opposites. He was tan and tall and gregarious; and she, skin like ivory, was shy and bookish and too voluptuous for a 13-year-old.

But he never threw her in and as the summer days crept on, Julietta and Max slowly began to find other things to do than jump off docks or hang out with the gang. Though they never spoke much those first few weeks, there was an invisible force pulling them, an electric charge between them, something unspoken, and she discovered how to touch herself at night in just that way that made her body shudder as the stars and moon witnessed her ecstasy through her open window, where she’d say his name quietly into the pillow, and feel things in her belly like the fluttering of a caged bird being let free for the first time. It made her feel as if being thirteen should be forever stopped still in time…

From my own story, Beyond the Call of Duty

But their teenage existence didn’t last long. After six months of courting, the talk of war became more vocal. People stood in huddles in each other’s living rooms, listening to the wireless for news about what might be ahead.

“If there’s a war, Tom, shall we go?” Archie’s eyes sparkled at the thought of adventure.

Tom was not so sure. “I don’t expect we’ll get much choice. But I’d go anyway—especially if all my pals are going. I wouldn’t let you go without me. Besides, it’s our patriotic duty, isn’t it?”

“Dolly,” he whispered to his sweetheart one evening when everyone was absorbed with the news on the wireless, “I think we should wed. I want to marry you before I go to war.”

A tear sprung in Dolly’s eye at this less than romantic proposal. There was no chance that she would turn down his request, even though she’d hoped for something a little more exciting—perhaps Tom getting down on one knee and pledging his eternal love would have been grand, but still, a proposal was a proposal when all was said and done.

“Yes,” she whispered back.

Of course, being under age, they would need parental consent. It was swiftly given, and at the end of June 1914, the two were married in the tiny parish church at the end of the road. Dolly wore her best dress and carried a small posy of flowers, while Tom’s mother stretched her budget to buy a ready-made suit for her only son, and put a flower in his buttonhole from the bride’s posy.

“I’m not having my son wed in someone else’s suit. You know how people gossip and judge.”

50411506_392370824857827_1468022750940495872_n Your universal link for Amazon

The Rules of Seduction – a short, erotic story.



“Where are your sensitive places?” He asked. “Where are the places that when I kiss or lick drive you insane? Not the obvious places. Other places.”

She thought for a moment.

“The insides of my legs, the underside of my arm, my earlobe—oh that has me drooling—but not my stomach because I’m so ticklish. But it has to be the right touch at the right time.”

“You’re very particular, I can see. What is the right touch and when is the right time? How do I know?”

“You’ll know it because you will feel the goose bumps on my skin, hear my sucking in air, feel the shivering of my body. The right time is trickier. It’s obviously not just after you’ve broken my favourite vase, for example. You have to be intuitive.”

“What does that mean? I mean, I know what the word means, but how does it relate to you?”

She sat back on her haunches and thought for a moment.

“It’s not something you can cultivate. You’re either intuitive or not intuitive, it seems to me.”

“And am I intuitive?”

“I believe you are. You know when I’m sad, even if I don’t tell you. That’s intuition.”

“So when it comes to touching you or licking you in sensitive areas, how does intuition play a part?”

“Well an intuitive man knows when he is kissing or touching in a woman’s sensitive areas because of the very subtle reaction that comes from her. Some men are so engrossed in their own pleasure that they fail to pick up those signals. It might be a soft gasp, a tiny tremor, a look of pleasure on a woman’s face—all signs that an intuitive man will pick up as he makes love to a woman. He also senses the right time—she might bring him a drink, for example, and he might thank her by kissing the inside of her wrist after she has placed the drink. It says so much more than a simple thank you. But he knows that she won’t want fake moments of romance. She will know if you’re faking it. Better to do or say nothing at all than to fake it.”

“So basically it’s a minefield, the world of love and seduction?”

“I guess it is. But you mustn’t give up on love. It’s worth it in the end if you get it right.”

She rolled over on the bed, her naked body making his heart race, even though they had just made love. He ran his hand down the curve of her back and over the gentle slope of her ass. He could never tire of touching that ass of hers. He remembered what she had said about the inside of her legs. Leaning over he ran his tongue delicately over the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. Was it the right touch at the right time?

She laughed softly.

“I like that you listened to what I said. Some people pay lip service to other people’s conversations—nodding at appropriate intervals but not hearing the actual words. It’s refreshing to have someone listen and remember. But then you seem the type of person who has intuition about these things.”

He smiled.

“I like to think I do. But really I’m just as confused as everyone else—stumbling along in the dark and trying not to cause offence. Sometimes I get it right. Other times I make a big mess of it all. Do these rules of seduction apply in reverse?”

“What do you mean? Oh for men? Well only you can answer that.”

He stopped touching her thighs and rolled on to his back.

“Well we have sensitive places too, and yes, I guess that intuition is a great asset in a woman too.”

“So where are your most sensitive spots—the places that causes a spasm in your groin, that sexually arouse you?”

He paused, thinking.

“Give me your hand and I will show you. I don’t know if these places are the same for other guys, but they sure get me going.”

He took her hand and brought it down to his cock, now already beginning to harden again after their lovemaking.

“The tip of my cock is one place—squeeze it gently with your fingers. Ah, yes, now a little harder.”

He paused for a moment, enjoying the sensation, before continuing. Lifting her hand he brought it down to the underside of his balls.

“Stroking me there is always very enjoyable. Now slide your finger from there over the perineum towards my ass hole. Yes, that is quite exquisite.”

He groaned a little as his cock swiftly responded to the stimulation. He wasn’t sure if he might even come before he got the chance to get inside her again. He pulled back a little. She looked at him.

“Did you not like that?”

“I did—a little too much, unfortunately. You almost made me come.”

She laughed softly.

“So your most sensitive points are fairly obvious, actually. Places that I would have guessed. Where are the less obvious places?”

“Well I’m a guy. Pretty well everything centres around my cock. But leaving that aside I suppose, like you, kissing me in places you don’t normally kiss is very pleasurable.”

She moved closer and moved her body to allow her mouth to reach his thighs and began kissing up the inner edge of his left thigh, towards his groin.

“I like this. Let’s see if you do too.”

He shivered at the tantalising way her mouth was creeping higher.

“But is it the right time,” she asked?

“Baby, every time is the right time for me.”

She stopped just short of his balls, and he groaned with disappointment.

“Sorry, I’m teasing you now, aren’t I? Have you tried edging?”

“You mean when someone takes you to the last possible point before climax, and then stops? Yes, I’ve had it done to me a few times. But I haven’t done it to a woman. It seems a little cruel to offer them pleasure and then snatch it away.”

“But it’s usually only temporarily removed. The idea is that the repeated edging leads to a much more intense orgasm.”

“Yeah, I get that, but not tonight please. I’d like to make love to you again—provided you think I’ve learned the rules of seduction well.”

“I think you’ve passed with flying colours, my love. I think we’ll leave the edging for next time. Right now I want to suck you and lick you until I tip you over the edge. Then perhaps you can return the favour.”

“That sounds like a very enticing plan, my love. By the way, forget about the rules of seduction. The only rule is to follow your instinct.”

She opened her lips and continued kissing up his thighs from the point where she had stopped. He shivered in anticipation of the pleasure to come.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this short story. If so, why not take a look at my recent books (published under my other writing name of Juliette Banks)? The latest one is a short story that has a bit of everything in it—love, erotica, spanking, humour, kidnap, thrills. Here what one reviewer said of it:

This is one of those books that I really wish that I could rate higher than five stars. What starts as a fun kinky romance quickly turns into a fast paced drama with international terrorist themes. I literally could not put it down. This is definitely a book worth reading. (An Amazon Reviewer)  



Roxy is a modern, independent, kick-ass woman, who hides a secret desire—she likes a bit of spice in the bedroom. Will she ever meet a man who can satisfy her desires, without expecting her full submission?

Oliver is a man who loves some kink in his life, but doesn’t want to be tied down by a possessive woman. He also has a secret life that doesn’t bode well for a long-term relationship.

“Hope the roses arrived this morning.”

“Oh, they were from you? There was no note.”

“So who did you think they were from?”

“I made up a short-list of about three.”

“And was I at the top of that list?”

“Well you were pretty near the top.”

“I see. Perhaps I didn’t tan that hide of yours enough on Friday?”

Available at

A Second Chance – a short, erotic story



Warning: Suitable for age 18 + only

I spotted her through the crowds in the ballroom. People stopped mid-sentence to stare at her, but she appeared not to notice. Her eyes scanned the room and stopped when they hit mine. Remaining motionless she hardly even blinked as our eyes locked. What was she thinking? I wish I knew. Her face revealed none of her thoughts, despite the fact that, as an actress, her job was to display emotion to the watching audience. Was I being assessed?

I felt a quiver deep within me as I came face to face with one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was even more beautiful than on the screen. Long, dark, shining hair framed her perfect face. It was thick and lustrous and fell in casual waves onto her shoulders. Her face was pale and creamy—clearly a woman who didn’t spend much time in the sun. Her lips were stained deep crimson, her signature colour. I had never seen a picture of her without those lustrous red lips. She was dressed in a long cream satin dress that clung to every curve of her body—low at the front to show off her full, round breasts, that appeared to have no visible means of support. There wasn’t a man in the room who hadn’t spotted those babies, and would give a fortune to clasp them in his hands. Including me.

Our eyes maintained contact as she began a slow walk towards me, her hips undulating in the way that every sensual woman since Eve has done, knowing that the man watching her progress would be reduced to a quivering wreck on seeing it. She made no attempt to ask people to allow her free passage—they seemed to part naturally to let her through; most of the men staring longingly at her posterior as she undulated away from them, until of course their wandering eyes were spotted by their female companions and they felt obliged to avert their gazes.

She stopped about two feet in front of me, looking up with big, brown eyes, circled by long, dark lashes.

“Well, are you going to ask me to dance? Or do I have to find another partner?” She smiled to soften her demand.

I didn’t hesitate, holding out my hand to take hers. Dancing with a woman like her was not a gift to be discarded. I led her towards the area in front of the band, where several couples were already moving to a sensual sax rendition of a Nat King Cole song.

Her dress was backless from the waist upwards and it seemed almost indecent to place my hand directly on to her smooth skin. Indecent or not, I did it. I would dine out on this anecdote for years to come. It’s not every day that a legend of the big screen asks you to dance. She came close to me, her body brushing mine. My cock was already partly erect, and I was afraid of embarrassing myself in this social setting. But it seemed she didn’t care what people were thinking.

“Hold me closer,” she whispered into my ear. “Let’s give the gossips something to talk about. Put your hand on my ass.”

I’m a mature man of the world. I don’t shock easily. I did as she suggested. The swaying of her derriere, unhindered by underwear, and covered only by a layer of satin, made me harder still, as her firm bottom gently swayed under the palm of my hand. My erection must have been obvious. Looking up at me she smiled, before kissing me lightly on my cheek and whispering in my ear.

“What a delightful reaction. It’s a great compliment to a woman to achieve that level of response.”

I turned my head to face her, bending it just a little, and kissed her softly and briefly on her crimson lips, before replying.

“My reaction is, I’m afraid, inevitable. No man in this room would fail to react in the same way, given the opportunity. Why did you choose me?”

She laughed softly.

“I watched you for a while. I saw the way you behaved towards other people in the room—polite and respectful towards both men and women. You’re handsome too, and you’re a good dancer. I saw you dance earlier.”

I was flattered that she had been observing me, and I hadn’t even noticed. Handsome? Well I would take the compliment, even if a trifle exaggerated.

We continued our slow foxtrot, the strains of the tenor sax and the body of the woman in my arms, giving me goose bumps—totally unaware of the people around us. We were in a bubble of our own and I wanted the dance to last forever. Heck, I wanted the evening to last forever. Events like this don’t happen to guys like me. I planned to make the most of it.

Sadly the strains of the music faded. I fully expected her to walk away. Instead she took my hand.

“Would you like to dance somewhere a little more privately? I’m staying here at the hotel.”

Without waiting for a reply, she took my hand in hers and led me away. It wasn’t within my power to resist her. I went willingly to whatever fate awaited me.

Her satin dress, slashed on one side from the hem to the waist, parted as she walked, revealing a long, tanned limb. I ached to slide my hand up her thigh towards her unprotected sex. In fact I ached to explore her whole body from top to bottom. I’d been with my fair share of women, but none captivated me as much as this beauty.

The walk down the corridor towards her suite seemed endless. It was only when the door closed behind us I sprang into action, my caution abandoned. I pushed her back firmly against the door, taking her by the wrists and pinning her arms above her body—perhaps more forcefully than I intended, but she raised no objection. Now it was my turn to take the lead. My turn to show her how receptive I could be to her obvious need. She responded to my increased urgency, her eyes flashing as I pressed against her. The pressure of my lips didn’t allow for speech, but her hands clawing at my jacket told me all I needed to know.

I paused and allowed her to remove my jacket and drop it to the floor, as I took off my tie.

“The shirt. Let me feel your bare skin against me.”

Much as I wanted to simply rip the shirt open, sense prevailed, knowing I had to leave the hotel at some point that night. I unfastened the buttons as fast as I was able, while still pinning her to the door. The shirt landed on the floor with the jacket—but not the tie. I had another use for the tie.

My lips pressed hard against hers before I forced my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues entwined as my hand slid down her thigh and through the convenient slit in the gown, confirming she was indeed naked under the satin material. I was rock hard. My cock throbbed with the need to get inside her, but I wanted to play a little more first.

My fingers slid over her satin-like skin and found her damp slit, primed and waiting for me. I slid two fingers inside, making her gasp.

“Yes, oh yes.”

“Put your arms back above your head.”

I took the tie from my trouser pocket and swiftly wrapped it around her wrists, before attaching it to the coat hook on the back of the door.

“Trust me?” I whispered. She nodded.

“This will help keep your arms up there. Close your eyes.”

I pulled my head back to look at her. Her face was flushed and her breathing was heavy. A faint trickle of sweat was making its way down through the gap between her beautiful breasts. Bending my head I licked and nibbled each nipple in turn, making them hard—her eyes still closed as she softly moaned.

I turned her body around and pushed her back against the door, pulling her skirt to one side and running the palms of my hands over her soft, luscious cheeks. Opening my fly I released my engorged cock, allowing it to settle into the crack of her ass, while reaching around her with my hand. She was already sticky with arousal—it was easy to locate her slit and slide one finger up and down in the liquid. I located her clit and began a gentle massage, which increased in intensity as her moans became louder. I felt in control. She was mine, even if for just this short time. The gentlest of cats becomes a lion in the presence of such a woman, and this lion wanted to fuck her to within an inch of her life.

I’m not a rough guy. I never hurt women, and only do some playful spanking and bondage if they’re into it. But I had the need to assert my masculinity—to know that by the time I had finished with her, she would feel well and truly fucked. I used my extra body strength to hold her upright, while reducing her to a quivering wreck. Leaving the clit I thrust two fingers inside her as far as I could reach. She groaned. I wanted to make her come before I even thought about my own satisfaction. Pulling my fingers almost out of her I thrust them back in—hard. Her groans became louder. Meanwhile my other hand was hard at work, stroking up and down between her ass cheeks, finding and fingering her little puckered hole.

“Oh God, oh please…”

She was nearly there. I slipped a finger just inside her tight little hole. That was enough to bring her to tipping point. Her pussy clamped around my fingers, as tremors vibrated through her. She moaned incoherently, her legs beginning to sag under her own weight. I held her up and released her arms as her tremors slowly began to recede. Picking her up I carried her to the bed, placing her on the end.

“Let’s get you out of this dress. I’m sure it’s a very expensive designer gown and it would be a shame to ruin it. It’s done its job.”

She stood to help me remove it. All I had to do was slide the shoulder straps down her arms and the dress fluttered to the ground, lying in a pool around her. Stepping out of it enabled me to see her magnificent body in its perfection. She looked even more beautiful in the flesh than she did on the big screen.

I opened my mouth and said the fateful words.

“I wish I could photograph you as you are now.”

She froze. The expression on her face changed. There was a slight pause before she spoke.

“So, you’re just like all the rest.”

I was horrified. “No, no, not at all. I’m sorry. It just came out of my mouth without thought. It would only ever be for me to see.”

She looked sad. “They all say that. Then, within two weeks, the pictures are being flashed around the world. The temptation of all that money is too much to resist. I thought you would be different.”

I had difficulty forming the words. I was angry…with myself! How could I have been so crass? I stammered an apology.

“I’m sorry.”

Why the fuck did I open my big mouth. Of course she wouldn’t let a virtual stranger take her picture in the nude. What was I thinking?”

She wasn’t in the mood for my apology.

“Do you know what it’s like to lose your privacy? To be photographed in the grocery store, on the beach, in the beauty salon? To hear that constant clicking and know that within hours your picture is going to appear on some cheap gossip site. I thought my bedroom was my last private place—that you were a trustworthy guy. It seems I was wrong. You’d better go.” She turned away from me.

I reacted instinctively. Grabbing my cell phone from my pocket I dropped it on the floor and brought my heel down hard on the screen, shattering it—glad I was still wearing my shoes.

“There. No pictures, okay?”

She looked shocked at my action, but said nothing. I made no further attempt to persuade her, simply picking up my shirt and jacket and heading for the door.

I turned as I reached it. She remained standing where I’d left her, looking so utterly beautiful and tempting. But I had fucked it up. The best thing to do was to get out of there. I stepped into the corridor and closed the door behind me. Walking away from her room was both painful and humiliating—uncomfortable too, with my still hard erection aching for release.

I’d almost reached the elevator when I heard her voice. Turning, I saw her standing, now wearing the dress, outside her room.

“Come back.” Her voice was quiet, barely audible. I paused for a moment before walking back to her.

When I reached her room, the door had been propped open with one of her shoes. I stepped inside, kicking the shoe out of the way, enabling the door to slam shut. She was sitting naked on the bed, and beckoned me towards her.

“Perhaps I misjudged you. Maybe you are one of the good guys after all. I’ve never seen anyone smash a cell phone like that before. I’m impressed. There’s a bottle of champagne going to waste in the ice bucket over there. How about you pour us both a drink and we’ll see where it leads us. Okay?”

I smiled. “Okay.” Relief, mixed with joy swept over me. I had a second chance, and I intended to make the most of it.


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Remembering Roxy – my new book!



Roxy is a modern, independent, kick-ass woman, who hides a secret desire—she likes a bit of spice in the bedroom. Will she ever meet a man who can satisfy her desires, without expecting her full submission?

Oliver is a man who loves some kink in his life, but doesn’t want to be tied down by a possessive woman. He also has a secret life that doesn’t bode well for a long-term relationship.

When they meet the attraction between them is immediate and electrifying. They are both amazed by their chemistry. But Oliver’s secret life takes an unexpected turn and threatens their relationship as well as his life. Can they find each other again? Or will their relationship be doomed to failure?

Publisher’s Note: This adult romance contains elements of danger, action, adventure, power exchange and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.


We didn’t have much serious conversation. After all I could hardly ask about the price of gold when I was tied to the bed and having my backside spanked could I?

Excerpt 1:

I wandered out into the kitchen, still naked except for the stockings—but at least now with a clean face and teeth. I wasn’t a person who was shy in front of a lover, even in the cold light of day. I wasn’t perfect, but I was comfortable with how I looked. In front of me, at the stove, was a lovely pair of naked buttocks—well toned. Oliver clearly uses the gym a lot. He turned and smiled. He was wearing an apron to protect his tackle from a splattering of fat from the bacon.

“Like the informal breakfast wear. Come and take a seat.” He pointed to the kitchen stools. “Unless your behind is too sore to sit. In that case you’re exempted from sitting. You’re permitted to eat standing up.” He was having fun with me.

“Oh I think I will be able to sit—carefully.”

“Let me look.”

I turned around to give him a view of my bum. I’d already checked in the bathroom mirror and knew the marks wouldn’t last long—but I kind of felt they were a badge of honour. Stripes I received voluntarily, which excited me, by a man who excited me.

He ran his hand over my bottom. “Not too bad. No regrets?”

“None at all.”

I sat down carefully, but any soreness was only temporary. Oliver placed a steaming mug of coffee in front of me. “You do drink coffee, I hope. I don’t have any tea in the flat.”

“That’s fine.”

“Bacon sandwich?”

“Sounds delicious. For some reason I feel very hungry this morning.”

“I always like a girl who has a good appetite.” He gave me a wicked look. “I’m afraid I’ve plans for the rest of the weekend. But I’ll drop you off home after breakfast. I hope we can get together again very soon.”

I have to admit I was a little disappointed our date appeared to be over. But hey, no point in rushing a guy like Oliver. Any pressure and he would probably run for the exit. I wasn’t completely naïve about men like him. He probably had women all over the place. At least he didn’t wear a wedding ring.

I did the walk of shame back to my flat, knickerless, with laddered stockings, and in a sexy dress and heels. Anyone seeing me would know what I had been up to last night.

Oliver got out of the car and opened the passenger door for me, taking a look, I noticed, between my legs as I levered myself up from the seat.

“You know you really ought to wear knickers with this dress.”

I grinned. “Perhaps I’ll stop wearing them, just in case someone wants to rip them off me.”

He kissed me. “Bye, Roxy. It’s been a great night. I’ll catch you at work next week and we can fix something up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”

Then, with a cheery wave, he was gone. I took off my shoes and walked barefoot up the stairs to my place. My toes were still sore from the previous evening. My neighbour, a single guy of around forty, grinned at me as I reached the top of the stairs.

“Rough night, Roxy?”

I smiled, but said nothing.

“So, Miss Legal from the 11th, you didn’t exactly rush to get here. I detect a little stubbornness in your character. Or do you wantme to tan your hide again?”


Excerpt 2:


I laughed to myself as the lift door closed. I liked spunky women. Women who weren’t afraid to open their mouths and say what they thought. This one – Roxy – was definitely intriguing. She was pretty hot, too.

I was glad we had met at Temptation. It removed the doubt that she liked some kink in her life. Women didn’t go to places like that without a partner unless they are curious about kinky practices, in my experience. If we had met at work I would have had to do some homework about the type of woman she was, and what were her tastes.

I’m not against vanilla relationships. I’ve had a few in my time. But my proclivities definitely veer towards the more exotic practices. I like women who challenge me and excite me—not shy, timid ones. I’ve no intention of getting involved in anything serious right now—especially with everything that’s going on in my life—but I like regular kinky sex, and I prefer it to be with someone I know and trust. Okay, I don’t know and trust Roxy yet—but I’ve every intention of finding out more about her.

I suppose I could be called a bit of a player, but I’m honest about my intentions. I don’t lead women on with false expectations. I try to let them know I’m just after some hot sex and fun. I’m prepared to show them a good time—wine and dine them—but if they’re after an engagement ring, then they’re wasting their time.

That’s not to say I treat women badly, because I don’t. I’m honest about my intentions and I don’t lead them on with false expectations. I treat them with respect, and I hope they will do likewise. I know men like me aren’t too popular with certain sections of society, but I can’t be what I’m not. This is me. People must simply take me or leave me.

As I travelled up to my office in the lift I planned Roxy’s seduction in my mind. I was going to enjoy this, I was sure.

“Are you sure the pics haven_t made their way on to the Internet?” Twitter


I’ve just had my first review on Amazon for Remembering Roxy.

5.0 out of 5 starsWho Says Bankers are Boring?

29 June 2018 – Published on

I thought I was going to be reading a simple straightforward spanking romance story when I picked this book but what I got was a first rate one, woven into a very good counter-terrorism plot. Roxy and Oliver both work for the same bank but they first meet in what they refer to as a kink club. They are both open and honest about their individual wants and needs and what develops is a very erotic and exciting Dom/sub relationship. The scenes they share are very graphic and extremely hot. However, Oliver has a secret that he does not initially share with Roxy and it causes some separation issues. This is the counter-terrorism twist. Make no mistake, though this story is short it is jam packed with spankings, sex, and action. Not to be missed! 5 Stars
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.



Amazon Author Page:


Of All The Bars…(An erotic short story)



She was sitting on a bar stool at the opposite end of the bar. Still. Sensual. Sophisticated. Beautiful. Heart-stoppingly beautiful. Alone. She reached out and picked up her cocktail glass, tilting it towards her lips. As she did so she watched me. Maybe she thought that the distraction of holding the glass in front of her face would hide the direction her eyes were scanning. But I was observant. You don’t spend years as a private investigator and not learn how to observe your fellow human beings.

She realised I had caught her eye. Lowering her glass she gave a half smile, before turning away. I was already intrigued and more than interested in meeting her. My two days of business had exhausted me—meeting after meeting with very little pause. I was ready for a little playtime. I picked up my drink and headed over to where she was seated.

On the way I considered my opening remark—nothing glib or corny. I settled for the tried and tested, “Can I buy you a drink?” She looked up at me with big brown eyes and replied with a simple, “Thank you.”

It was hard to take my eyes from her perfect lips—luscious and inviting. My cock was moving ahead of my brain and the anticipation of an evening, maybe a night, with such a woman was causing some movement down there.

“Is this your home town?”

She looked up from under those long lashes. “No, I’m just passing through. I fly out tonight.”

“Me, too.” I didn’t ask where she came from. I didn’t want to know. I was content that she was here, tonight, and sitting next to me. I never even asked her name. The anonymity of a city far from home made me bold and adventurous. How many men had thought that, and come to grief because of it? I didn’t care. The bulge in my pants was almost certainly sending a message all by itself. I wanted this woman, and I would be damned if I would let the opportunity pass.

I went to push her fresh cocktail a little closer to her at the same time as she reached out for it. Our hands touched. I swear an electric current passed between us.

“You’re very beautiful—probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. But I guess you hear this all the time.”

She smiled, but didn’t reply. Instead she placed her hand on my thigh. I nearly shot off the stool, not expecting her to respond quite so keenly. My body was throbbing with need. She knew exactly the effect she was having on me.

I had three hours before my flight—enough time for dinner and…I dared to hope.

“Would you like dinner?”

After a brief pause, she spoke, in a soft, dusky voice that primed me even more. Would I be able to sit comfortably during dinner?

“I wish I could. But I have to leave for the airport very soon. I don’t suppose you would consider skipping dinner and going straight for the fuck, would you?”

I nearly fell off the bar stool, but recovered my composure and found my voice.

“What did you…where could we…?” I couldn’t seem to complete a sentence.

She smiled—a soft, seductive, smile. The way I was feeling I could almost take her here on the bar. She picked up her purse and took my hand.


I followed obediently. The devil himself might have tried to drag me back, but he wouldn’t have succeeded. My mind was totally consumed with this exotic woman and what she was offering. She led the way to the women’s powder room. It was empty. Inside she turned the key in the lock. We were in the section with mirrors, a counter, and stools in front, where women go to repair their makeup.

Our bodies crashed together, lips parted, tongues entwined. I held her in a tight bear hug, my hands roaming over her body like a drowning man seeking something, anything, to hold on to. I pushed her backwards towards the counter. I needed to be inside her before I exploded.

She groaned. It seemed her need was great too. I reached down her grey pencil skirt and pulled it up from the bottom until it was bunched around her waist. Underneath she had stay up stockings and dainty, black, lace panties. This time she assisted by pulling them down and stepping out of them, not even removing her black, strappy, heeled shoes to do so.

I pushed her on to the counter, my fingers reaching for her pussy. She was soaked. Just a few strokes of the fingers were sufficient to release a series of quiet groans. I could wait no longer. Pushing her thighs apart I released my rigid cock and plunged into her. If I had been religious I would have said a prayer of thanks right then. Instead I concentrated on not coming too soon.

As if she wanted deeper penetration she raised her legs from the counter and lifted them on to my shoulders. I plunged as far as I could reach into that hot little pussy. All the stress and tiredness of the last two days drained away like the tide receding from a pebbly beach. I felt at that moment that I was king of the world. Nothing was beyond me. We fucked as though this was the last time either of us would fuck on this earth. At least it felt like that.

I reached down, and with my thumb I massaged her clit. Her groans became louder and she dug her nails into my shoulders. It seemed she was nearly there. A few more thrusts and she began to tremble.

“Oh God, oh fuck…” I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as she reached her climax. Thrusting a few more times I exploded inside her. I groaned, a deep groan that seemed to travel from my groin to my mouth. I felt drained, but intensely satisfied. It was the kind of fuck I hadn’t had for a long, long time. I leaned forward and kissed her intensely.

We straightened ourselves up, and she applied some fresh make up.

“You go out first. I’ll follow in a moment. See you back at the bar.”

I unlocked the door and strolled back to the bar, waiting for her to appear. Then waited some more. She didn’t come. I returned to the ladies powder room, but there was no sign of her. To the right of the door was the emergency fire exit, leading out onto the street. I noticed the door slightly ajar. She was gone.

I returned to the bar and ordered another whisky, sorry that I hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye, or even ask her name. She was a woman I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

It was about ten minutes later that my phone buzzed with a message. I took a look. One of my meetings today had been with a man whose wife had left him and he was desperate for me to track her down. His message included some relevant information about her, plus a recent photograph. My heart speeded up. There, on my screen, was the woman I had just fucked. I couldn’t believe it.

Had I been set up? I didn’t know. Of course I would now withdraw from the case, but I wouldn’t cite the real reason. I’d probably lose my licence if the guy were to discover what had happened, even though I was entirely innocent in this case. At least I now knew the woman’s name. Would I try and track her down? Or would I file her face in the ‘Fucks to Remember’ file in my head? I had no idea right now.